back to article Surf's up: Microsoft emits new security baseline for Edge 83 with way to shut off access to built-in browser game

There was good news for enterprises keen to inflict Microsoft's Edge browser on their users with the arrival of a new security baseline and a way to turn off the Surf game that arrived in version 83.0.478.37. The baseline for Edge v83 features a bewildering potential 311 enforceable Computer Configuration policy settings and …

  1. Dwarf Silver badge

    Whats an Edge Browser ?

    Is that the thing that we download Chrome with ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Ha ha ha

      Ha ha ha

      ha ha ha

      Edge is Chrome(ium)

  2. The Original Steve

    Rather like it

    Sure I'm in the freak in the corner, but I really like the new Edge.

    Now I am very much in the "Microsoft ecosystem" both personally and in my work life, so it's value proposition should be higher than FF, Chrome, Safari and the rest of the browsers. Being Chromium based, the engine is naturally going to be pretty reasonable, but I've found I'm getting the best of both worlds. Microsoft have clearly (and finally) thrown considerable focus and effort on Edge, and I find its paid off. Do recommend the Dev channel as a good balcnce between stability and features.

    I've been around long enough to understand people's healthy skepticism with Micros~1 and browsers given their history, but I do suggest people give it a try before slating it - particularly if your company uses Micros~1's cloudy offerings as well as selling their own souls by using W10 and a Micros~1 account personally.

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