back to article Unlucky for some, GitLab 13.0 is DevSecOps in a box, but will it play nicely with others?

GitLab version 13.0, the company's major release of 2020, is out today. Rival GitHub is the biggest player in online code repositories, with Atlassian's Bitbucket and GitLab also popular. GitLab is a distinctive proposition, though, aiming to be the only platform you need for DevSecOps, whereas GitHub and Bitbucket have a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gitlab CI is pretty good, but its still missing some features that other tools we have used (well, Jenkins) provides out of the box. For instance, coverage and defects. Both Jenkins and Gitlab track coverage and defects (ie linting errors, static analysis etc), but Jenkins can provide graphs of historical coverage, and fail a pipeline if coverage percentage decreases. Gitlab can only report the current numbers, there are no dashboards of historical coverage.

    For test reports, Gitlab and Jenkins can both parse junit xml test reports, but gitlab will just tell you how many tests have failed in the merge request, where as Jenkins will provide a deep dive in to what test failed, why, what the expected output was etc. For defects, Jenkins will show you a file by file report that you can drill in to and see the specific lines that have defects. Gitlab just shows you a raw number of defects.

    I do massively prefer how Gitlab CI is setup and run, its much easier to setup your pipelines. I was never fond of writing Groovy scripts to run the pipelines.

    Maybe these things are available with Gitlab Ultimate; we're just Bronze level subscribers. Ultimate is an extra $15 per seat per month..

    1. Stuart Moore

      Can report the same flaws apply to ultimate too...

      It's a good product, and it is getting better. I like having the CI setup itself in source control. Some of the security analysis features are pretty good. There are a few nice features where just a little more work will make them really nice.

      Not perfect, but worth a look

      1. violetwilliams

        yeah I agree with you

    2. gobaskof

      Code coverage/defects view for master is not in ultimate/gold nor graphs over time. The only thing is the diff on merge requests. These features are on the GitLab roadmap. I collect the json artefact and have a script that renders the information I need to review the code.

      I do my daily work on GitLab, one of my groups has a Gold license through the OSS scheme, the others are on standard GitLab. I can't stand GitHub when I go back to it now for the couple of projects that I contribute to on there, the UI just seems so weird and clunky.

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