back to article Remember April 2020? It brought pandemic, chaos and an unseasonable spike in new domain registrations

New domain name registrations spiked in the UK and Australia in April. In the UK local registry Nominet recorded 132,250 new registrations the month, 15,000 more than in March. It’s an unusual result as Nominet’s last five years of data, lovingly presented here and depicted in our chart below, shows April is usually a pretty …

  1. Cuddles

    I'm not seeing it

    "It’s an unusual result as Nominet’s last five years of data, lovingly presented here and depicted in our chart below, shows April is usually a pretty quiet month for registrations."

    That data shows that in the last five years April has been the busiest month in two and the lowest in another two. March has exactly the same record. January is consistently in second but only first once, while Feb has been mostly third and never first. March and April seem a bit more erratic than Jan and Feb, but there doesn't seem to be any particularly meaningful trend visible, and certainly nothing to say that April is usually quiet. This year doesn't seem unusual at all, it's almost identical to 2018.

    1. skeptical i

      Re: I'm not seeing it

      re: almost identical to 2018

      I noticed this too and my first thought, being on the Merkin side of the pond, was that the pattern was somehow election-related -- lots of domain registrations early in the year as the field of candidates goes out campaigning, then as primaries take their toll registration dips until we have presumed nominees and the concordant spike of "voteforXYZ" variants. Dunno if this is true for UK (or even for Murka).

  2. ThatOne Silver badge

    Possible explanations:

    Sudden appearance of dozens of domains peddling Covid-19-related snake oil products?

    Sudden appearance of typosquatting domains phishing for newbie remote users not yet used to online procedures?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Namesco demon changeover

    Namesco's demon email users will have been registering .uk and domains in the scramble before the 29 May deadline.

    Although El Reg announced the deadline has been extended to September - Namesco have not said anything to their users. After buying my new domain - my "DEMON" support ticket took a while to reach Stage 1. It has since been stalled way beyond the "3 days" or "within the week" promise for Stage 2 dual running. Even updating my support ticket about "when Stage 2?" has elicited no response in over a week.

    Now sitting on my hands in the expectation that Namesco are finding the workload challenging - and don't need "how's it going?" requests every five minutes.

    At the moment I am Keeping Calm and Carrying On - trusting that the El Reg announcement was correct and that there will now be oodles of time to change the 80+ uses of my email addresses to my new domain. If they actually keep to the 29 May then I'm b******d.

  4. Sanctimonious Prick
    Thumb Up

    Just "Purchased" One

    About this time last year I checked the availability of a domain - it was available. A few weeks later when I had the spare cash, I went back to find the domain had been registered. It was a .com domain that I once "owned" for about 8 years.

    Considering the content of the site I have in mind (similar to the one I had before) is country specific, I have decided to go with a country specific domain. A few weeks ago I went to register and purchase that domain name, and found that that registrar was having a coronavirus promotion - by using the promo code FUCKCOVID19, I got my country specific domain name for free :D

  5. clyde666

    Quiet news day ?

  6. Richard Cranium

    Move on, nothing to see here...

    Yes, a bit of a non-story. Looks to me like there was a significant drop in new UK registrations in March, ~ 17,000 perhaps people had something else on their minds? March was the anomalous number then April was catch-up time with ~32,000, just 3000 more than Jan ~29,000

    As for AC mention of the Namesco demon changeover. I helped a client through the nightmare to configure the "interim" solution in 2016 but at the same time set him up with a Gmail account and added a forwarder so mail to went to both the old demon address and to gmail so when "interim" comes to an end it will no longer matter. In addition, there have been a couple of articles on The Register recently (15/5 and 30/5) referencing the demise of the Demon mail facility so I was able to advise my client of the impending change even if Namesco have seemingly failed to do so.

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