back to article Alibaba's Jack Ma bails from SoftBank's board

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma will step down from the board of Japanese tech conglomerate SoftBank after a 13-year stint. Ma and SoftBank's founder, Masayoshi Son, have been close friends since SoftBank's bet on Alibaba in 2000. That investment was among SoftBank's most successful and the Japanese company still holds a 25 per …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    I Kid U Not

    The election of the two independent candidates meets the demands of Elliott Management, an American activist hedge fund that took a 3 per cent stake worth $2.5bn in the Japanese firm in February.

    I didn't realise 3% was quite so powerful and enabled to be so demanding so early on in a new union with other powerful marriages of current convenience ‽

    What sort of thing does Jack Ma love to do with the money churned off the back of his wealth and enterprise? It's surely bound to be at least something exotic and erotic given the successes and excesses garnered in the past from what one assumes has been duly diligent and competitively overwhelming.

    Exotic and erotic are well known favourite drivers and servers which never fail to excel in any enterprising venture/Novel ProgramMING Project for Rewards and Awards from Human Fields which are Almighty Captivating and Addictively Certain in Operations and Applications. That makes them much more than just extremely valuable and almighty powerful.

    And yes, for those who would both like and need to know, one is unlocking and a'knocking on Forbidden City doors there, with riches to spare, share and spend the beast of burden you bear and offer. Do you know, .... Spooky Ancient Magic Top Secret Society types have been practising the Tao of Zen since ages before now from there, and most recently for satellite enterprises with practical business offices virtually everywhere for anywhere.

    Don't underestimate Beijing for they don't overestimate any think, but they are beautifully tempted with the flowers and seeds of future guaranteed feeds and needs ...... complete with the means and memes to plant and tend for vital growth and the grateful harvesting of immaculate bounty to sow ...... once again to harvest what nature intended ...... and/or foreign entities and alien forces are strategically invested in.

  2. Youngone Silver badge

    ...has been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Here I am assuming they've been badly affected by the terrible investments they've been making.

    1. crayon

      Their terrible investments were badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic ...

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