back to article India opens its space industry to private companies

India has decided to open its space industry to private companies. India has a thriving space programme, with the Mars Orbiter Mission that has circled the red planet for over five years and the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System GPS alternative among its most prominent achievements. But to date all space activity in …

  1. robidy

    Hat's off to the Indians for having a vision and a dream...might be me but Boris still looks awfully ill...maybe time to had over to someone with more energy and vision?

  2. Hasi D

    India is militarizing the outer space and now the private industry has to play its role. India has accelerated space modernization in the past decade, and the Indo-US nuclear deal of 2005 is the main driver. When the United States and India built closer relationships in exploration of space and navigation systems in 2005, Indian scientists, according to reliable reports, trying to develop an ICBM. The deal began to provide India with new ways of transferring technology. The growing partnership between India and the United States relating to space has begun to further improve the efficiency of former’s missiles. Furthermore, the inclusion of India in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) has allowed the development of technology with significant military consequences. Therefore, there is no such thing like peaceful uses of space technology in minds of Indian policymakers.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Citation, please ? What are your sources for saying that India is "militarizing" outer space when international treaties ban that ?

      And making an ICBM is not militarizing outer space. ICBM are ballistic, it's in the name, meaning they go up and come back down again. It's nothing new either, quite a few countries have them.

      1. Spherical Cow Silver badge

        An orbital spacecraft is just an ICBM which goes sideways fast enough to keep missing the ground as it falls.

    2. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Space has been 'militarized' the moment Sputnik launched. But I doubt India does anything more than take pictures of the earth in "strategic" locations, just like everybody else.

      Actually if they do a LOT of "space port rental" to companies in India AND from other nations, it could give them an advantage over other nations that aren't so lucky as to be so close to the equator.

      Though for polar and other 'non-equatorial' orbits, there's no advantage to such a location. So spy satellites won't be sent from there, most likely.

      The earth is roughly 24,000 miles in diameter, so it's moving about 1,000 miles an hour near the equator. That compared to Canaveral, which is about 28 degrees North, making it roughly 880 mph. This difference is significant enough but the latitude of the Baikonur Cosmodrome is ~46 degrees, which is only ~690mph. So launching from India gives you a ~300mph boost over what you'd get at Baikonur.

      (the difference between 8 deg N and 5 deg N, to point out, is insignificant - cos(latitude) * 1000mph for the approximate rotational speed at that point on earth).

      1. druck Silver badge

        @Bob. Locating your launch site near the equator has nothing to with the extra speed gained from the rotation of the earth, a few hundred mph difference from that is insignificant when you need 17,000mph to reach orbit.

        The latitude of the launch site determines which orbits you can reach easily, i.e the latitude of the launch site is the minimum inclination of the initial orbit. To reduce the inclination to get to an equatorial orbit (for geostationary satellites) requires a lot more fuel for the transfer stage, the further north (or south) of the equator you launch from. That reduces the amount of useful payload the rocket can deliver.

    3. TVU Silver badge

      "India is militarizing the outer space and now..."

      ^ That is just fourth rate propaganda rubbish not least because India has contributed significantly to civilian space science including space physics, Earth sciences, meteorology and lunar and Martian space exploration.

      1. Intractable Potsherd

        The OP has one post, and joined 18/05/2020. Assume troll and don't feed.

  3. Rabia

    India has the ambitions to enhance its space capabilities as a part of its Defence Doctrine. This ASAT test by New Delhi touches a number of important issues which endanger the contemporary security environment of South Asia and the international security. At international level it generates a debate on space policy, politics and the weaponization. International community gave different reaction on Indian ASAT test. Indian missile test raised concerns in Pakistan as its security threats mainly coming from eastern border.

    1. Alister

      You and Hasi D appear to be the same person?

      1. IGotOut Silver badge

        You implying that two accounts created just to post the same comments on the same day be linked.

        I don't believe you.

      2. chakr

        Are they the same person?

        Either that or two jealous Pakistanis.

        1. Francis Boyle

          Re: Are they the same person?

          To be fair it could be one Chinese and one Pakastani. Or two Chinese since get paid ¥0.50 a go.

    2. chakr

      India's space programme and security threats to Pakistan

      Then what's the use of Pakistan having nuclear weapons? India in not suicidal.

  4. Spherical Cow Silver badge

    That all sounds great! Except for the bit about "ending the government's coal mining monopoly". The last thing this planet needs is more coal mining.

  5. Flywheel

    Good job the people are no longer starving any more!

    They've obviously cured poverty and social injustice and are now splashing out on the space race. Dalits everywhere are celebrating their new lifestyle!

    1. Francis Boyle

      If I had the choice of shovelling shit

      or working in space tech I know which I'd chose.

  6. JCitizen


    Guiana Space Centre - Isn't that controlled by the French? How risky is it for India to entrust their entire launch program to foreign soil locations?

  7. DaDeter

    Militarization of space must be stopped

    In April 2019, India established the Defence Space Agency (DSA) as an interim measure to command the military's space capabilities. All of this meant that India had to have a much more nuanced position than a blanket approach that opposed any militarization or weaponization of outer space. India has been consistently working on the weaponization of space and violating international norms.

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