back to article Let's slip into something a bit more relational: SQL database crowd strikes back with brace of cloudy releases

MariaDB, which counts Deutsche Bank, Nasdaq and telecoms giant Verizon among its users, has launched a DBaaS rendition of its relational database, adding options to configure and customise it. Amid a flurry of NoSQL releases earlier in the week, the relational world also got a fillip from the release of CockroachDB which …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    > For example, developers often need to make time-consuming changes to primary keys as applications change

    I honestly do not recall having to do such a radical redesign on a production deployment. Adding attributes and tables (and the indices and foreign keys that go with it) yes, I'd say that's fairly common as a product evolves, but changing primary keys?

    But who knows, maybe I've just been lucky for the first twenty years. Has anyone here had a different experience?

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