back to article Google says it'll pick up the tab – and stick it in a lovely colour-coded Chrome group

Google is taking steps to deal with tab overload in its browser by adding the ability to group the things together. Lurking in current betas of the Chrome browser, the functionality allows a user to group a number of tabs and assign the group a name, colour or even, heaven forbid, an emoji. The Chrome team noted that there …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's the right answer ...

    > The Chrome team noted that there are "two types of people in the world"

    > We'd also contend that there is a third type of person

    No, no, no, there are 10 types of people in the world.

    Those who understand binary and those who don't.

    Boom, Boom!

    1. Chris G Silver badge

      Re: What's the right answer ...

      I have maybe a dozen icons on my desktop and if I am feeling particularly frivolous, I might have ten or so tabs on one monitor and a couple on the other.

      I do like chrome, lots of it, on a '57 Chevy.

    2. John Robson Silver badge

      Re: What's the right answer ...

      There are 2 types of people in this world:

      Those who can infer information from incomplete data.

      1. BenDwire Bronze badge

        Re: What's the right answer ...

        I've just received a teeshirt with that very slogon on it. Happy Birthday to me!

  2. BenDwire Bronze badge

    I thought I was a bit odd ...

    I love loads of desktop icons, but I hate loads of tabs - what does that say about my mental state? And another thing, I shut the browser down when I'm done with it. And I even turn the PC off at night...

    Mine's the white one (for those that can remember a time before "care in the community" became a thing)

    1. Steve Foster

      Re: I thought I was a bit odd ...

      And I'm the reverse - very few desktop icons, but lots of tabs in my browser. And I use multiple windows to organise the tabs - I've even experimented with using different browsers to do that.

      1. John Robson Silver badge

        Re: I thought I was a bit odd ...

        I'm in the loads of tabs, few icons brigade as well

        Mostly because my desktop is virtually never visible, so it's no easier to get to than "properly" filed documents/data directories.

  3. LDS Silver badge

    IE did it a while ago...

    ... it wasn't bad, but it didn't stick.

  4. druck Silver badge

    Just like...

    You mean just like the Tab Group extension for Firefox before they broke it a few years ago.

    1. Joe W Silver badge

      Re: Just like...

      Exactly. My first thought as well.

    2. KarMann Bronze badge

      Re: Just like...

      To be precise, it was that Tab Group feature they had a few years ago, then removed as a feature, promising 'but you can still have it as an extension,' then a couple of years or so after that, broke that extension along with many others with their big extension API* overhaul. That was, in fact, exactly what drove me into the arms of another browser. Where I now have… 1,223 tabs open, for shame. (Hey, I only had 1,222 before I opened another for this comment, and almost down to 1,200 before I opened up this batch of Reg articles!)

      * I think it was the API, something like that. Dammit, Jim, I'm a sysadmin, not a programmer!

  5. Dave 126 Silver badge

    Does any browser have a feature to make temporary bookmarks of tabs that you close? By temporary bookmarks, I just mean a group of bookmarks that are presented to user as being different to the permenant bookmarks.

    1. Not Enough Coffee


  6. RockBurner

    Currently it's a useless add on.

    Yes - in an extant session you can collate your tabs into groups, and even move the group from one window to another.

    However - that's it.

    No long term saving of the group (eg as a bookmark folder?) or ability to close all the tabs in a group (IIRC), or save them in any way.

    4/10 google - a nice start but without further development why even bother?

  7. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "it all boils down to help[ing] with logical grouping"

    And right then it falls flat on its face because every user has his own logic.

    At least, in my experience with users.

    I prefer my Start menu well organized, only the icons for applications I use on the desktop, and as many tabs as I need in the browser.

    Each to his own. With NoScript and uBlock Origin, obviously.

  8. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    Tab Management

    Surely a more generic name for it would be Felidae management.

    (Not sure what people are supposed to do with their dog, or other Cute Animal videos though).

  9. RyokuMas Silver badge

    Might? Might?

    Google might be watching.

    This is Google we're talking about - of course they'll be watching!

  10. IGotOut Silver badge

    Multiple Tabs in Chrome.

    Is that some sort of stress test to check that the PC can cope with 100% CPU and memory usage?

  11. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    Tab collectors

    I remember them, Lotus Notes (Version 6 and below I think) had a nice function which would keep your tabs in the interface when closed, however would disappear if over 254 entries appeared (Correct me if I am wrong as its not coming up in Google to confirm!).

    Had to delete the workspace nsf to get it back

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