back to article Third time lucky for Windows 10 2004? Microsoft yet again fiddles with code and adds a go-live SDK licence

Déjà vu was in the air last night as Microsoft has made yet another final tweak to the upcoming Windows 10 May 2020 Update while encouraging developers to get coding. Windows Insider chief Brandon LeBlanc announced that Build 19041.264 was hitting the Slow and Release Preview Rings as a last few things were squeezed into the …

  1. Someone Else Silver badge

    It does, however, look like this might really be the final update prior to general availability of the long-awaited thing.

    Long-awaited by whom? (Microsoft marketdroids do not count.)

    Well, maybe they do, but only to 10....

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      I read the article and saw a comment about "get to coding" or similar and I have to wonder... are there some kind of new "feature creep" features in this new, shiny version that we're supposed to start using such that our applications will not run on ANY earlier version of windows except THIS one ???

      No thanks.

    2. logicalextreme Silver badge

      It's meant to be the update containing WSL2, so I've been sort-of awaiting it. I'll be running something regularly to make sure updates are disabled for about a month after it drops, mind; given the circus of failures last year that should be sufficient time for them to pull it if (when?) they find out they've created another situation that could not possibly have been foreseen after ditching all the testers.

  2. LenG

    Never do ...

    "After all, it would never do to unleash the Windows 10 May 2020 Update in June now, would it?"

    Nope, July sounds much more inviting. Or possibly October.

    Not that I care too much as I have updates deferred by 12 months. Mind, I may change my mind if they announce a fix to the issue which keeps causing it to change the sound output device.

  3. General Purpose Bronze badge


    After all, it would never do to unleash the Windows 10 May 2020 Update in June now, would it?

    Old-timers remember when Windows 10 2004 was the April 2020 update, so maybe July.

    1. MatthewSt Silver badge

      Re: Precedent

      Maybe the devs are counting the months from 0, so 2004 was always the May update in their eyes, just marketing gave it an April name to begin with

      1. logicalextreme Silver badge

        Re: Precedent

        Months starting at 0? Now you're just being silly. What sort of language would do something that asinine?

  4. phuzz Silver badge


    Oh come on Microsoft. You've already skipped Windows 9 (possibly to avoid poorly programmed version checks confusing it with Windows 95 or 98), so how about skipping all public version numbers between 1995 and 2050?

    Calling it "2004" makes me have flashbacks to XP 'Media Center Version 2004', and no one wants to remember that.

    (Although thinking about that did remind me of the ATI 'All-In-Wonder' cards, that combined a TV tuner in a graphics card. They were kind of cool.)

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