back to article Latest Microsoft 365 'wave of innovation' really just involves adding or renaming a bunch of update channels

Microsoft has wielded the rebrandogun once more and directed fire at the update channels of its Microsoft 365 productivity cash cow, as well as slipping in a little extra something to "reduce the burden on IT". Because, after all, another software dump on Patch Tuesday is an ace way to take the load off administrators, right …

  1. HildyJ Silver badge

    If it's broke . . .

    Rebrand it.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    And how about an Enterprise Optional Channel ?

    Companies do not need you to change their working platform, Microsoft. You have forgotten that people use your UI to work with products, not to dick around with your settings panels.

    Put your stupid new functionality into the App Store, and let companies download what they think they want to try, when they have time to try it out.

    There is really no reason for you to foist changes on everyone at the same time, especially when you can so royally screw everything up in doing so.

  3. Cave-Homme


    These time wasters should be prime candidates for furloughing, then cutting. Macroshaft 359 could then save millions, and we’d save billions.

  4. steviebuk Silver badge

    Its as fucking annoying as then...

    .."We're living off Teams. Its as simple as that" advert.

    We all get a budget. We install software. We plan for training. We don't then expect the UI and everything to fucking change, which it has done, a month after the training. That is the issue with all this cloud bollocks.

    What then happens is they try to make the training department redundant by offering cloud based training. Like GSuite did with their own setup. Never occurred to Google to offer training so someone created it, that you could buy from the app store that would run in, for example, GMail, and interactively guide you through. Google shortly after realised they should of offered that long ago and bought the company running it. And that training kills the training department. Unless you have hipsters running the show that decide to hire in an external company to train you on it as well, instead of using perfectly fine in house staff. And then you discover that training company is actually the people that sold you GSuite and its not training but more a sales pitch. For something you've already purchased.

    Sorry...went on a mini rant at the end.

    1. Roger Greenwood

      Re: Its as fucking annoying as then...

      Training? No we don't do that anymore, just chuck it at the wall and see what sticks :-)

  5. Spanners Silver badge

    Beta Channel?

    Firstly, are they pronouncing it correctly - "bee" "ta" - not "bay" "ta"

    Then, we just need to get them to admit what we already know - we are all beta testers

  6. anthonyhegedus Silver badge

    ...and the end user will just see 'oh for fucks sake another update' and never restart their PC until it slows down to a crawl just before a teams video call, then restart, and then miss the first 10 minutes of the call while their computer installs updates.

    1. N2 Silver badge

      10 minutes?

      You are 'aving a larf.

  7. tony72

    All I want to know is ...

    ... how do I sign up for the "no more updates" channel? Actually can we roll back a couple of updates to before the Outlook search box mysteriously migrated to the title bar, which is aesthetically and functionally just bizarre. I can't actually remember the last time there was a new Office feature that I actually cared about.

    1. Paradroid

      Re: All I want to know is ...

      Totally agree, I saw that search box change on some sort of preview and was shocked how bad it looked, can't believe it's been released like that.

      Microsoft seems to be a company of mostly talented individuals, but with a few idiots who wield far too much power and can demand arbitrary UX changes to products, which the sane people have no power to override.

    2. Dave K Silver badge

      Re: All I want to know is ...

      I also hate how every UI update seems to introduce more and more white space everywhere. Alongside my main work laptop, I have an older customer laptop which only has a crappy 1366x768 display. Originally it was manageable, but lately Outlook is almost unusable on it due to the ever increasing bumpf and spacing all over the place. And the thing is, it isn't as if there's a single bit of useful additional functionality I've noticed, it's just a constant stream of pointless dicking about with the user interface, with each update steadily making things worse.

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