Anyone using Alibaba or other Chinese clouds?

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  1. ssharwood

    Anyone using Alibaba or other Chinese clouds?

    Hi readers,

    Simon here at Vulture East.

    I'm doing a piece on China's clouds: they're here, they're big, they're expanding like crazy.

    But are they any good?

    Can any of you help me answer the last question? If you've used the likes of Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei, China Mobile or others, I'd love to know what the experience was like.

    Do they match the likes of AWS and Azure for features? For resilience? For support? For an ecosystem?

    Feel free to leave a comment here or ping me on the Reg mail-o-tronic page that connects me

    1. Radio Wales

      Re: Anyone using Alibaba or other Chinese clouds?

      I have used Alibaba in the past and while I have found it to be useful for shipping lists and hard-to-source items and other contacts, I have one real grumble which arises from purchasing something from a random supplier.

      It seems Nobody notices that I have bought what I wanted and exited the arena.

      From then on, I am pursued relentlessly by countless vendors who are intent on selling me the item I have already purchased, which continues until I change my mail address - again.

      There seems to be no system that works, to advise the wider field of vendors that I am done buying.

      The repeated experiences have led to an aversion to the site because I don't need the hassle, in my experience, support amounts to an endless stream of assurances that it is fixed, when it isn't.

      I liken the experience to walking through a market in Shanghai and having everyone yelling at me and pulling on my sleeves all the time. I survived it, but emerge weakened by the experience.

      The worst part is I don't wish to be rude to those merchants because there is a chance that at some future point I may wish to work with them. All I need is a universal transaction completed flag that works on my profile across the whole sphere of Alibaba.

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