back to article Yes sir, no sir, 3 bags NoSQL: Aerospike, DataStax, ScyllaDB all freshen up as community preps for cloudy future

DataStax, the lead vendor behind open-source DBMS Apache Cassandra, is rolling out a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) version of its wares, while the Cassandra-emulating ScyllaDB has pushed out its own upgrade to compete with DynamoDB, the AWS-native version of the same database. The updates are part of a flurry of activity in …

  1. Fazal Majid

    You have it backwards

    Cassandra was written at Facebook by Avinash Lakshman, one of the authors of Dynamo at Amazon. DynamoDB is essentially the external version of the in-house Dynamo tool that predates Bezos' famous API directive.

    As for ScyllaDB vs. Cassandra, if you are starting from scratch, why would you incur the overhead and GC pauses of Java if you don't have to? There's a reason why Facebook doesn't use Cassandra for anything critical in-house, even though they originally developed it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: You have it backwards

      >There's a reason why Facebook doesn't use Cassandra for anything critical in-house

      And very few of those reasons have anything to do with Cassandra or the JVM. Cassandra was originally ditched for HBase because of its much (much) simpler operations, much broader community adoption and the tighter integration with HDFS and the Hadoop ecosystem. They didn't move away to get rid of the JVM - they brought a lot more of the things in.

      Later on many - but not all - of the applications running on HBase were swapped out for a custom MySQL frontend backed by RocksDB (MyRocks) because, at the end of the day, it's cheaper to work in SQL and Rocks as a storage engine provided some nice benefits for datacentre-level replication that can be challenging to get out of HBase and all the baggage it brings across.

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