back to article South Korea announces tech New Deal to stoke post-coronavirus economy

The South Korean government will fund 5G networks and AI to create jobs and boost the economy once the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control. New stimulus projects, collectively labelled a "New Deal", will include a fund to support AI development, new sites for robot-testing, efforts to help businesses launch new data- …

  1. RM Myers Silver badge

    "President Roosevelt's New Deal, which helped kickstart the US's recovery"

    Considering that the US's unemployment rate didn't drop below 10% until after Pearl Harbor, "kickstart" might be a slight overstatement. The Great Depression didn't really end in the US, at least from an employment basis, until the entry into WWII. Also, until the war many of the jobs were low paying, and sometimes dangerous, federal government projects, like the dam building project where my father worked.

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