back to article Keeping up with the Joneses: Cloud hosting biz UKFast's founders sell up

Cloud hosting biz UKFast's founders, Laurence and Gail Jones, have "exited the business" as a private equity firm ups its stake – all as UKFast itself starts eyeing up Jones-owned infosec biz Secarma. The Manchester-based firm announced its founders' departure this morning, also revealing that Inflexion Private Equity was " …

  1. Claverhouse Silver badge

    The Sun. We Love It !

    He told The Sun that he "fully co-operated with the police" because he was "determined to ensure that these claims are thoroughly investigated so that my name can be cleared."


    There is no more reputable or notable newspaper than The Sun, the natural paper of record, to confide one's innocence and probity.

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