back to article Contact-tracing is basically CRM so we think we've got it sorted, says Salesforce

Salesforce has created a contact-tracing as-a-service product and promised it’s coming real soon now. The SaaS company will offer the service as part of a new platform that includes a variety of services aimed at helping businesses to re-open safely in a coronavirus-compromised world. Rob Seaman, senior vice- …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Salesforce should sign up to the Google-Apple API

    We're in the midst of the greatest disruption to our lives that has ever happened outside of a World War (which most of us have never known), most of us are consigned to our houses with little opportunity to get out, and Salesforce is looking to sell us something that we're going to be getting for free to help us emerge from our hobbit holes.

    Two of the greatest money hoarders have teamed up to make this happen for free, and Salesforce wants to sell us something that is supposed to do the same thing.

    I guess that's marketing for you.

  2. Rogerborg 2.0

    It's going to be quite the gold rush to flog these Communist Bioweapon trackers to .gov isn't it?

  3. HildyJ Silver badge

    Benioff's embarrassed

    His $6.6 billion doesn't make it to the tech big boy's table. So he's trying to make as much money from the crisis as he can.

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