back to article If at first you don't succeed... IBM finds Watson a new job: IT ops and cloud-to-the-edge computing in the 5G era

Since it burst onto the scene as a Jeopardy-winning AI in 2011, IBM's Watson has been top of the league for interesting solutions in search of a problem. Enter new IBM CEO Arvind Krishna and the company is ready to have another crack: this time it is talking up a mixed bag of IT ops, hybrid cloud, edge computing and 5G. …

  1. trevorde Silver badge

    What happened next

    Watson is given a 4 rating (well below average) in it's annual performance review and is put on a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) for failing to meet its PBC (Personal Business Commitments). Inevitably, it is fired for 'poor performance' after previously getting all 1 ratings (well above average). Watson sues IBM for age discrimination but IBM drags out the case for years.

    Watson dies of old age in a nursing home for obscure code (Github). The Register marks its passing in a footnote to an article about Big Blue's latest tech. Gartner is too busy working on its Hype Cycle to notice. IBM awards its CEO a bonus and a new helicopter; revenue continues to fall.


    Many years later, a young software undergrad stumbles across the code on Github and forks the repo. After a few months of sleepless nights, she manages to get the code to build and run, but most of the tests are broken. Undeterred, she drops out of college, puts together a convincing PowerPoint deck touting its benefits and a flaky demo. She speculatively forms a startup and does the rounds of VC's (Venture Captialists) in Silicon Valley. A bidding war erupts and she cashes out to ... IBM.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Deja vu all over again

    Last time out, this concept was called "autonomic computing", I think. It's an idea that about once a decade IT vendors find in the back of the closet, dust off, air out, fail at, and put away for another ten years.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Watson is pronounced "Wasn't"

    That's all.

    I'll be here all week.

    No, I really will. I live here and we're in lockdown.

  4. theblackhand

    "solution in search of a problem"


    Concerning the Ulta premium chess playing doorstop market isn't enough for you ElReg?

    Such high standards at Vulture towers

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