back to article You like to Moovit? Intel snaps up Israeli mobility startup for rumoured $1bn as part of expensive mobility push

Intel is being linked with the takeover of Israeli public transit startup Moovit for a cool $1bn, in order to beef up its portfolio in the mobility and transportation markets. Talk of the Chipzilla deal began circulating on Sunday - the start of the Israeli working week. According to local Hebrew-language business paper The …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I would welcome MS to enter the war arena that looks so monopolistic.

  2. Alan Sharkey

    I used Moovit when we were in Australia - it worked very well. I hope Intel don't mess around with it.


  3. fung0

    This is the End

    When you acquisition takes over from attention to your core business(es), it's a sure sign the company is moribund. We've seen it over and over again.

    Intel will lumber on as a sort of corporate golem, but it will never do great work again.

  4. MrMerrymaker

    Moovit sketchy

    Being in the middle of nowhere in the UK, I've found Moovit unreliable.

    One of our bus lines was cancelled, and it was showing it as a valid route for six months. During which time I contacted them and showed them the route cancellation notice on my local (now useless) stop, and a link to Stagecoach's article on the route closing.

    More recently, Moovit told me I could get off a bus on a stop that doesn't, physically, exist (the stop is on a main road surrounded by fields - there's no pavement, no room to stand, and no stopping!)

    I hope this takeover improves their data integrity. Which, to be fair, is brilliant 95% of the time.

    But obviously works off the same data as Google Maps et al, and needs to be more receptive to feedback.

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