back to article Three is the magic number, unless you're Apple. That's how many million iPad shipments it was down in Q1

Under the shadow of a pandemic that forced the shutdown of Apple's production lines in parts of China, global sales of iPads are tumbling rapidly. Preliminary data collated by number-cruncher IDC for calendar Q1 show Apple's unit shipments into distributors and direct to its stores dropped 30.4 per cent year-on-year to 6.9 …

  1. Cave-Homme


    I’m in the market for a tablet and have an old iPad, but since I bought it, Apple have gone completely mental with their pricing of pads and phones.

    This crisis will hopefully get them to stare reality in the face, but I won’t hold my breath. In the meantime I’ll avoid worsening my carbon footprint and bank balance by keeping the kit I’ve got for longer than planned.

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: Overpriced

      There are plenty of used devices available at substantial discounts (once all the Pawn shops open, there will be even more to choose from)

    2. hoagy_ytfc

      Re: Overpriced

      iPad is £349 for 10" model - that's about as low as it's ever been.

      1. MikeLivingstone

        Re: Overpriced

        iPads are not really that desirable anymore. It is mainly older people who use them.

        Everyone else uses their phone or a laptop if they want to do real work. And frankly Linux is way better than iOS and OSX on either formfactor.

        1. Imhotep

          Re: Overpriced

          I use my laptop hooked up to dual screens for real work. Wouldn't think of trying to use a tablet for that.

          But I did just buy an IPad for reading the news, email, browsing, etc - and I'm pleased with it for that purpose. It's nice to be able to carry it out to the sunroom or patio for breakfast or lunch time reading.

          And the price of $300 new and discounted seemed reasonable.

        2. eionmac

          Re: Overpriced

          Linux phone ?

    3. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: Overpriced

      I bought a 'droid slab for around $50 a few years ago, made by RCA. It's crippled in a few features, like only one camera and it FACES YOU, but otherwise it is pretty good for doing dev work which is what I wanted it for, mostly to learn 'droid dev and not yet do anything serious. In the mean time I've also worked on 'droid applications for clients, so it all paid off.

      $50 droid slab vs $xxx iPad. eenie, meenie, miney, DROID! [I don't live on my phone so I don't even use the slab as a phone, just as a convenient portable computer to remotely read e-mail and do dev work].

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