back to article Extra knobs and dials for Microsoft's Productivity Score while Azure Active Directory lays on the freebies

Microsoft is adding to its slightly worryingly named Productivity Score preview with additional granularity and categories. How does your Productivity Score? The preview, which is accepting sign-ups next month, can be enabled from June via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center by selecting Productivity Score in the Reports menu. It' …

  1. Philip Storry
    Big Brother

    Oh goody...

    A metric that neither Management nor Staff understand - heaven sent for micromanagement morons!

    This can surely only end well...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Melissa Grant, Microsoft 365 director of product marketing, added that enabling snooping was not the plan, although Microsoft had been asked if it was possible to use the tool to check, for example, that employees were all online and working at 8, as usual. "We're not in the business," she said, "of sort of monitoring employees or using that stick to say, 'Hey, you're not doing this, you're not doing that'."

    "But as soon as we are in that business, we'll be ready."

  3. Giles C Silver badge

    From the article

    He insisted that "there is no PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data in there

    In today's post on the matter, Microsoft stated: "In the Employee Experience area there is now user-level granularity in all categories to help you determine who needs upskilling”

    So if the first line is correct how does the second bit work....

    Also Regarding time tracking.

    Most people get in power up the laptop, open outlook, teams etc and go an get a drink whilst it syncs all the changes from the previous day (5 - 10 minutes usually).

    Mind you when you get in and the machine starts on windows updates for 15 minutes that is annoying but not as bad as when you are finishing for the day....

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