back to article Long after Linux, Windows Server Containers finally arrive on Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service

Microsoft's Windows Server Containers is now generally available on its Azure Kubernetes Service, three years after AKS's launch. AKS was introduced in 2017, as a replacement for the Azure Container Service for Kubernetes that was itself only launched the previous year. These services were for Linux containers only, even …

  1. W. Anderson

    Only a Matter of Time

    One can be assured that as soon as Microsoft achieves "full parity" of Azure Hyper-V Kubernetes with that of Linux - not if but when, expect that Microsoft will brick the superior functionality of the Linux implementation - with subtle bugs, performance slowdowns, etc, so that the current strong preferences for Linux will swing, even if less noticeably, toward Microsoft implementation to point that Linux will be the also-ran preference.

    Remember the - "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" mantra of Microsoft has never left the camp. Most current techies under 50 -60 years of age, and Microsoft worshipers with little or no good knowledge of Microsoft's in-bred distaste for not being in total and oppressive control, particularly against Linux or any other threatening technology do not fully understand the proven and documented subversive methods in Microsoft's madness.

    1. rgaza

      Re: Only a Matter of Time

      My Brother works @ Microsoft. As do around 8 of my friends. 4 of them contribute to Linux kernel on a daily basis and make life great for Linux users. For lack of a better term, you clinging onto "embrace, extend...." even after 20 years means that you've not grown up on an individual. Make peace and move on..

      PS: This is a personal tirade against Microsoft and it's employees and I am surprised "register" has not banned you yet.

      1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

        "I am surprised 'register' has not banned you yet"

        Uh no, this isn't North Korea. Everyone has the right to respect and disrespect whichever vendor they want.


      2. ecofeco Silver badge

        Re: Only a Matter of Time

        Microsoft deserves every bit of derision it gets and more. And ALL of their failures and mistakes that cost people and businesses money huge sums of money have been well documented, decade after decade.

        But keep drinking their kool aid.

        1. rgaza

          Re: Only a Matter of Time

          I will :) Thanks! Don't forget to drink your favorite Kool Aid.. btw, did you switch to Visual Studio Code yet? :))

          1. bombastic bob Silver badge

            Re: Only a Matter of Time

            "did you switch to Visual Studio Code yet?"

            assuming it's a GENERAL question to all...

            Hell has NOT frozen over. So, no.

            I'm still using pluma and the command line [and working on my OWN IDE when I'm doing nothing else and NOT so STINKING ANGRY like I am right now because of the shutdowns]. And, for 'droid things, I use 'droid studio which is based (unfortunately) on IntelliJ. I sometimes use Arduino's IDE [did more of that a while ago], and it's "livable". I also tried Eclipse for C/C++ at one time but wasn't impressed, and WAS disappointed with performance. There's just something generally _wrong_ about using Java for an IDE with performance/memory/etc. and *WORSE* if it uses NodeJS and JAVA SCRIPT (like VS Code - who's the <snark> MENSA CANDIDATE </snark> that came up with THAT idea???)

            There hasn't been a decent IDE for C/C++ Windows development since DevStudio '97 (the hot keys allowed me to rapidly edit dialog boxes and assign callbacks, for example, WITHOUT lifting my fingers from the keyboard - NOT possible since 2k with the CONSTANT mousie-clickie). After the ".NOT" crap and focus on VB and C-POUND, it *ALL* *SUCKED*. [I only use 2010 when I have to, and nothing after that, it's all 2D FLATTY FLATSO McFLATFACE like Win-10-nic. There, have some more tirades against M.S., you're welcome, Their "developers" couldn't code their way out of a paper bag, even after somehow managing to find their own asses with both hands, a map, an electric ass-finder, and a GPS-powered navigation device ]

            icon, because, facepalm

      3. A random security guy Bronze badge

        Re: Only a Matter of Time

        I don’t think their business processes have changed even a bit. It is just that the advent of the iPod, then the iPhone, the cloud, the business around cloud services, the rapid growth of better web services api, The non-sql Database systems, etc. left MS behind and for the first time exposed to the whole world and themselves what a laggard they were in everything.

        Plus the fact that the entire software security ecosystem was really fed by MS. It was only after the DoD twisted its arm that MS even decided to look at security.

        Even then, MS is still playing catch-up on securing its systems.

        If it weren’t for AAPL or Google, we would still be struggling with Palm PC.

        On the embedded side they tried to take over with windows embed.

        So, no, your brother has a big heart but the machine will do what it always does.

        1. rgaza

          Re: Only a Matter of Time

          one thing I agree, they lost mobile and search.. Companies make mistakes and you don't have to hate em for that.. To answer your points,

          a) Microsoft focus on security started with windows XP update 2. [this was in 2005]. I personally know that windows thread security labs is one of the best. [Just look at the vulnerability DB here:


          b) I agree Apple is the pioneer in smartphones. Google just copied them. No credit to Google here.

          c) Embedded side, what do you mean by "take over"? Even linux is everywhere in embedded. Is that not take over?

          You are a hater..and it does bad things to your Blood Pressure :)

      4. jgarbo
        Big Brother

        Re: Only a Matter of Time

        Brother and pals at Microsoft, "making Linux great" for us hobos, fascist mentality that bans dissent. You must have a happy home life, roasting puppies that bark too loud. Hint to your pals (your brother's lost): Microsoft needs far more help than Linux.

  2. johnsmith43

    I agree Apple is the pioneer in smartphones. Google just copied them. No credit to Google here.

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