back to article Mystery cloud added 10,000 new AMD Epyc servers in under ten days to handle demand for you know what

Chip challenger AMD has posted a strong set of Q1 results, and made the now-rare decision to provide guidance for the remainder of the year – though also lowered that guidance for the period. That reduced confidence was, of course, attributed to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic you may have heard about lately. But the plague …

  1. cb7

    I wish I hadn't sold my AMD shares now.

    1. Chris the bean counter Bronze badge

      They are funding my retirement, sadly my Cardlytics shares are not

  2. Phil Dalbeck

    I suspect Microsoft are involved - the General purpose as while "D" and "Ds" (intel based) instances are pretty much unavailable in European regions right now, there are suddenly a load of "Da" and "Dsa" (AMD Epyc) instances appearing as alternatives.

    1. Warm Braw Silver badge

      And I'm sure it's entirely coincidence that this article is currently appearing immediately adjacent to the sponsored advertorial Intel builds server products – who knew?.

    2. 3Sails

      The SAP's!

      I've seen how sap instances behave on Azure AMD farms, the results are very interesting indeed. Intel have some proper worries.

  3. IGotOut Silver badge


    ...I've no idea why they don't spend a few quid on their advertising budget.

    Bung PC World (and similar around the world) a few quid to run some promo's.

    Many people wouldn't consider buying an AMD based pc, simply because they have never heard of them.

    1. JakeMS

      Re: Advertising...

      In my experience, your average buyer doesn't care what CPU brand is in it, or even what a CPU is for that matter.

      As long as they see the laptop/desktop switches on and says Microsoft Windows somewhere, they're happy with it.

      I mean, they still make laptops with intel celeron...... and people buy them.

      There are probably many people who have an AMD based laptop and don't even know what the AMD sticker means. Based on the fact I've seen a lot of new laptops recently that had AMD chips (but no fish) and there was a big influx of laptop sales at the start of COVID.

      1. vmistery

        Re: Advertising...

        My anecdotal evidence is that even amongst technology staff people see Intel as the premium option. Heck, we’re buying a bunch of servers and one of my colleagues who I generally consider top of his game is recommending the older more expensive Intel parts because “they are more reliable” and my boss believes him because he’s heard if Intel and not AMD. Part of the problem is marketing, Intel spend big on adding their ident to adverts for retailers to keep Intel in your mind.of course that’s just my personal experience and it’s not scientific in any way. Do do do di

    2. Kez

      Re: Advertising...

      I expect they have tried only to be met with a response of

      "We would love to advertise your product, however this would conflict with certain... "exclusivity arrangements" with our existing marketing partners"

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What are Intel's dirty tricks division doing? Are they asleep

    Come on guys, this is normally when you burst into action to bully OEMs to staying Intel-only, and then pay a pitiful fine 5 years later.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What are Intel's dirty tricks division doing? Are they asleep

      The dirty tricks department has got lots of money but not much product to lure customers back to Intel.

      "You don't want to but that fast, cheap AMD system, we will bring you a load of discounts to maybe get a much slower system at the same cost in 3 months. Maybe*"

      * Please note the following disclaimers:

      Intel may choose to supply an alternative product that they can produce or a previous revision that is faster as long as you don't apply security fixes. NDAs apply so that discounts and performance are not revealed to wider market. Intel may honour performance commitments in 2022.

  5. lnLog

    7002 EPYC ATX boards?

    So when is supermicro going to release an H12 ATX board?

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