back to article Rust core devs mull adoption of alternative compiler front-end for improved IDE support

An alternative compiler front-end called rust-analyzer has been proposed for official adoption to improve IDE support for Rust developers, and has won backing from the programming language's core team. A recent Rust survey showed that improved tooling is high on the list of wants, and rust-analyzer could be part of the …

  1. jake Silver badge

    Nuthin' up my sleeve ...

    "and "light bulb" suggestions that write code for you."

    Now where have I heard that before ...

    1. streaky

      Re: Nuthin' up my sleeve ...

      TabNine does that sort of thing very effectively in a plethora of languages so..

    2. DrXym Silver badge

      Re: Nuthin' up my sleeve ...

      Light bulbs are a metaphor in Jetbrains IDEs - I see you've written this but maybe this would be better...

  2. Brian Miller

    Simple code, simple solutions

    When one is writing simple code, then simple solutions are easy. I doubt these features would have been useful for either of my post-tutorial projects, which involved threading. Getting help with lifetimes would be nice, but I have my doubts about advanced Rust and "helpful" IDEs.

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