back to article Talk about physical to virtual translation: Red Hat officially emits OpenShift 4.4, Fedora 32 in online conference

The Red Hat (virtual) Summit is under way, and the Linux distro giant has announced the release of OpenShift 4.4, new deals with Microsoft, and the unboxing of Fedora 32. IBM president Jim Whitehurst opened Tuesday's online event with a promise that Red Hat would remain "independent" within Big Blue. The reason, he said, is " …

  1. jelabarre59

    ...The desktop has been upgraded to GNOME 3.36.

    Funny, I wouldn't have called an install of Gnome 3.x-anything an "upgrade"...


    Blue Hat jumping into bed with MS?

    We all know 'My enemy's enemy is my friend' but I'm a little surprised, give history. Short memories abound it seems...

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