back to article Thought Microsoft's licence plans were Kafkaesque? How about a Kafka extension for Azure Functions?

Microsoft has slung a Kafka Extension for Azure Functions out to preview as well as sneaking in Java 8 support for Linux hosting. The public preview of the Kafka extension, currently only available on the Premium Plan for Azure Functions, adds the ability to have functions trigger in response to messages in Kafka Topics, or …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Kafka extension

    It's worthy of note that in Franz Kafka's universe nothing worked as expected (as in The Castle) and nobody could find out why (as in The Trial). Extending Kafka to the real world in any useful way would therefore seem almost impossible. I hope the name's not an omen.

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Kafka extension

      "Nothing works as expected." ... Check.

      "Nobody can find out why." ... Check.

      Not an omen, no. It's nothing more than truth in advertising, which is the real shocker, considering where it's coming from.

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