back to article Latest Apple gadget's production behind schedule, will come out at one month past iPhone 12, reportedly

Production of the iPhone 12 is reportedly running behind schedule, as Apple wrestles with supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a travel ban imposed by the Chinese government. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is around one month behind schedule. This echoes similar reports from Ming-Chi Kuo …

  1. Ian Joyner Bronze badge

    Apple sales down due to long-lasting hardware

    So Apple do the right thing, design phones that last a long time, so people aren’t continually forced on to new model. Reg spins that as ‘iPhone sales slump’. So, those Apple disparaged ‘fanboys’ aren’t rushing out just to buy the latest new thing.

    It is a maturing market, and Apple is leading the way. But other companies will still be selling stuff that breaks, so users have to upgrade more.

    1. Sampler

      Re: Apple sales down due to long-lasting hardware

      How much of the Apple kool aid have you sipped? You might want to put that iGlass down..

      You're seeing an attack when they're simply explaining the market, other mobile phone manufacturers are seeing the same (even the ones that actually _are_ leading, least in terms of new features, that one particularly baffles me as the iPhone has never had something new on it, they just tell people it's more refined and they seem to sell by the bucket).

      I used to upgrade my phone every six months as Noika had something new out that put the old one to shame, then it became annual updates from HTC with their incremental Windows phones, switching to Android saw that drop to 18months, then my last two phones were the Samsung Note 8 and a Note 4 before that, reflecting the pace of necessary upgrades.

      Like laptops before them, and desktops before that, the mobile chips started to plateau, you didn't need to upgrade your phone because the old one does everything you need. I'm still using the Note8 and whilst the rumours for the 20 are full of cool sounding stuff, I'll probably not get it and stick with the 8 as it's not going to do anything I can't do on my 8 and it's a whole heap of cash to pay out for it.

      Appreciate that's an anecdotal example, but it's what we're seeing playout over the phone market, Apple no exception (though one thing I am seeing is a shift away from Apple to Android by people, usually followed by a boast of how easy it was and they wish they'd done it sooner - again, anecdotal, small base).

      I needed a spare IP Camera the other day so pulled the Note 4 out the drawer, still a perfectly serviceable device, a tad slow side by side with the 8, but not annoyingly slow, for what most people use their phone for they'd be happy.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only 200 million units of expensive kit every year

    Shifting 200 million units of anything is quite an achievement, 200 million expensive phones costing at least triple a decent android is pretty impressive.

    If it is truly a format change I may upgrade my X.

    Hardware aside, I value the software too and although expensive I think it’s justifiably so, just like me and what employers think I’m worth.

  3. Philip Lewis

    iPhone SE

    I am an iPhone6 user ... the SE looks like a killer machine to me. Those of us not on the upgrade merry go round will see it as a very, very good upgrade. It's a an upgraded 7 rather than something new and bleeding edge (the 12 one assumes).

    I am sure the 12 will be awesome, but it won't be my new iPhone.

    1. David Austin

      Re: iPhone SE

      SEv2 is everything I was hoping for: Reasonable price, not too big, surprisingly good specs.

      I can see it being the bread and butter iPhone for a while in the suppressed post covid spending period.

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