back to article API hubs multiplying? SoftwareAG touts AppMesh control pane to wrangle service mesh mess

Oracle has an API hub, SAP has one and so does Infor. WorkDay and Salesforce? Well…you get the idea. RESTful and SOAP APIs have become so widespread that even the loci developed to help manage application interfaces are a bit of a mess. Founded the same year as a human first landed on the Moon, SoftwareAG has long been working …

  1. Robert Grant Silver badge

    I used to work for them!

    Wow, a mention on El Reg. I bask in reflected glory.

  2. Robert Grant Silver badge


    Isn't it "control plane", not "control pane"?

  3. Wold

    Thanks, Lindsay, for the best expanation yet of AppMesh! I've been trying to write about it for a few weeks, and I must say did not get it the way you do. Now, I have a clue... :-)

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