back to article Amazon pushes the button on Keyspaces: Cassandra lookalike to boost its NoSQL credentials

Amazon has announced the general availability of a serverless NoSQL database in Amazon Keyspaces, with more than a passing resemblance to the open-source Apache Cassandra. First touted as Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra Service (AMAC) at AWS re:Invent 2019 last December, "Cassandra–compatible" Keyspaces allows users to build …

  1. boltar Silver badge

    NoSQL proponents dont seem to like ACID

    Mongo isn't compliant either. Seems to me they all wanted to get the flash features that look good from a marketing POV working first and leave the "boring" transaction consistency stuff for a rainy day. Well A) that boring stuff is absolutely vital for any serious DB that is more than just a data warehouse feeding a web server and B) it has to be coded in from the start, you cant just shoehorn it in as an afterthought like MS did with Windows security and hope for the best.

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