back to article Google Cloud CEO says Istio will be handed to a foundation. The Reg: But what about..? Google: That will be all.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian has stated that Istio, a key component in the Kubernetes platform, will be donated to a foundation, despite previous strong hints that the firm would never do so. Istio is a service mesh mainly used with Kubernetes, controlling load balancing, access control, metrics, logging, and service to …

  1. Robert Grant

    “CNFC was birthed at a time when people didn’t know Kubernetes,” she said. “We wanted to build an ecosystem and drive awareness around it. For Istio and Knative; they are already open source. It’s not about the foundation, it’s about how we engage with the community. We already have a lot of exposure and community engagement.”

    This seems a bit of a foolish, marketing-biased perspective. Not surprising it turned out to be wrong.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Is it open source or open sourcey?

      Open sourcey is read-only for everyone outside Google, Google greatfully receives all code donations and bug fixes but is not obliged to do anything with them, then adds its own binary blobs and spits out a product when it wants to. If you try to build from source yourself you will probably lose compatibility because you don't have the all-important binary blobs.

      See also: Android, Chrome, Fuchsia.

  2. FeepingCreature Bronze badge
    Thumb Up

    So what you're saying is

    > Adam Jacob, former Chef CTO, said: “It’s the thing I like the least about the current 'cloud native' climate. You’re either giving away all your IP to have any hope of adoption by other large players, or routed around like damage.”

    The system works?

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