back to article Yes, there's lots of COVID-19-themed scuminess around – but otherwise the level of cybercrime is the same

Though the number of COVID-19-themed scams has exploded since the start of this year, infosec outfit Secureworks reckons that overall online criminality has remained fairly steady. Plenty of other infosec companies have been keen to talk about the rise in coronavirus-themed scams and phishing, but Secureworks rather broke the …

  1. Gene Cash Silver badge

    This is bullshit.

    I run Fail2Ban, and when I started working from home, I noticed a ton of connections to my SSH port. Not actually trying passwords... just connected. My config has passwords turned off, and just accepts certificates, so Fail2Ban is set to insta-ban anyone trying a password.

    So I wrote a cron job to ban anyone connected according to netstat, which runs every 10 minutes.

    First it was Germany[*] on the 3rd, then Sweden on the 7th, the US on the 8th, Malta on the 13th, Curacao on the 17th, Belgium on the 18th, Isle of Man on the 19, the UK and the Russian Federation on the 20th, and today (the 22nd) it's Lithuania's turn to be internet assholes.

    I've got 19,227 banned IPs right now, with a 3 month TTL.

    This only started with the COVID crisis.

    * assuming the IP geolocation was correct, but they were all from the same country each time.

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: This is bullshit.

      well, I'm seeing a LOT more spam in my e-mail. I have Fail2Ban running also, and some pretty strong user/password combinations on ssh to protect against dictionary-based attacks [cryptic user names do help a bit]. So it might be entertaining to see if Fail2Ban is catching anything worth my time to make a "special friend" out of...

      Seriously, though, spam HAS increased, and the usual scams, many of which _are_ corona-virus-related.

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