back to article Are U sure it's all going a bit V-shaped, SAP? ERP giant goes own way, seems optimistic about third quarter bounce

On a call with financial analysts yesterday, the leadership team of Germany's enterprise software giant SAP was measured and rational - and quite possibly at odds with the rest of the world's response to the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a chance that, as the Germany's determined policy …

  1. Lars Silver badge

    "What customers need is a steady course and a leadership team that announces things and then delivers them rather than having their internal discussions and tensions that ultimately culminate in certain departures like this,"

    I agree, it's true in politics too but less common.

    I am convinced SAP was hoping this dual system would produce from 1+1 more than 2, bur apparently it did not.

    I am not actually that surprised it did not work, and while I am sure it's possible to find such a team I have never worked in such a company. (not that it proves anything) And when it doesn't work you skip it.

    As for the "word", please stop this agony, and reveal it soon. Is it optimism, sells speak or is it all doom and doom, or mere fantasy.

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