back to article US judge puts Amazon's challenge to Pentagon JEDI deal into force stasis

US federal judge Patricia Campbell-Smith has slapped a hold [PDF] on Amazon's legal challenge to the $10bn Pentagon Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract to give the military time to "reconsider... aspects of the procurement" in the mega-contract. Microsoft was awarded the winner-takes-all 10-year contract to …

  1. aks

    Star wars Jedi versus Star Trek's Klingons (version 1).


    1. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge


      Let That Be Their Last Battlefield

      1. Gene Cash Silver badge

        Re: &.....

        The Jedi would get their asses kicked. The Klingon commander would nuke their shit from orbit. End of story.

        Anyway, my folks were horribly offended by "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" because it implied black people could be people too.

        These were the same people that thought "Roots" was a comedy. "Beat that Kunta Kinte AGAIN! He's way too uppity" and that was the event where I went "huh? what?" and it opened my eyes to the hick hillbilly town I was raised in.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: &.....

          Sorry no.

          A planet full of Jedi would be able to cloak the planet from the Klingons because the Klingons are a simple violent race. It would be trivial for the Jedi to tell the Klingons even from a distance that the planet doesnt' exist.

      2. Snake Silver badge

        Re: Let That Be [Your] Last Battlefield

        I just realized that a much better image would have been from "Space Seed", the stasis chambers on the Botany Bay where Khan was found.

  2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Bill is now The Donald's BFF ?

    1. Mike 137 Silver badge

      Re: Inconceivable

      Personally I wouldn't trust either of them for urgent mission critical use, as both have broken down too often and services persist only at the whim of the provider..

      The whole "cloud" concept is fraught with false assumptions. If you manage cloud services properly they don't save you money, and if you don't they'll fail you. So cloud is not a "cheap option" if you want to survive (as the military typically aim to).

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Inconceivable

        Really, Cloud doesn’t save you money?

        Try telling that to all the companies that can’t ramp up on capacity due to Covid as they are not in the Cloud. I had to wait 1.5 hours to logon to B&Q (UK Retail) this week because the website couldn't handle the load. They are losing 100’s of thousands in revenue as they can’t scale up to meet demand.. Compare that to companies like Netflix, Zoom who can scale up in minutes on AWS, and then back down when they don't need it.

        1. Mark192

          Re: Inconceivable

          How expensive is capacity sufficient to cope with peak demand scenarios like we're experiencing now or around Black Friday?

          (Totally ignorant around IT stuff - I'm here for the wacky headlines and informed comment)

        2. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge

          Re: Inconceivable

          Yep - my flabber was totally gasted when I found I was in a "virtual queue" to look at stuff on B&Q's website! I stayed in the "queue" until I was on the site, then didn't buy anything even though they had what I wanted at a reasonable price.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Inconceivable

            I think you may be making a false assumption here. Just putting a "website" in the cloud doesn't make it scale. There may well be dozens of choke points which are design limitations.

            Equally we're an on premise shop and we've scaled without any problem during the sudden up-turn in demand. Our design is a long way from perfect but it was good enough.

            I'm afraid the cloud isn't a silver bullet and can cause more problems than it solves.

        3. Anonymous Coward

          @AC Re: Inconceivable

          First, try telling any business that they need to design and build infrastructure based on a 'black swan' and you'll find yourself politely shown to the door.

          Free clue. Why do you think AWS came to exist? Answer that and you should be able to see the

          Second name a business which you need to scale during a Black Swan Event. Its few and if you follow Zoom, you have a couple of issues:

          1) They have their servers in China.

          2) They are not going to be able to convert their free accounts into paying accounts. (The conversion rate is for shit.)

          3) Corporations are now telling their team no Zoom on corporate machines where their IT group is scanning and removing the app from their PCs. Vendors who are using Zoom... they are having their sales calls cancelled over it.

          I'm sure I'll be down voted by commentards who are not in the position to worry about either security, or senior management where you make infrastructure decisions.

      2. Twilight

        Re: Inconceivable

        AWS (not sure about Azure) has gov-only zones so JEDI should only be competing with other gov projects for resources.

    2. FrogsAndChips

      Re: Inconceivable

      Wait until Trump hears what Bill thinks of his management of CoVid, and he'll take the contract out of Microsoft's hands too.

  3. Steve_Jobs1974

    I wouldn't tar Amazon with the sam brush as Azure. Microsoft is significantly less reliable and has seen multiple, major outages in recent years

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is pointless and silly.

    First, one has to ask which cloud provider is better. They will both claim that they are while Google will claim that it is...

    When you consider the capabilities of staff within DOD, DIA, NSA, etc ... why do they need to go to an outside provider?

    They could build it themselves for less money.

    Oh wait, that would be too easy.

    Its like having a guy sitting in the NSA who is an expert on Postfix and setting up a secure mail server.

    Instead, the government will go out and hire Microsoft to morph Outlook to do it instead.

    And I know the US is not alone in this stupidity. How many articles are in El Reg mocking the NHS and their outsourcing deals?

    Or the Aussies? And NZ?

    1. Claptrap314 Silver badge

      Re: This is pointless and silly.

      News flash: The DoD does not build their own cars. Or guns. Or rifles. Or uniforms. Or tanks. Or radars. Or ships. Or airplanes.

      Never has. Never will.

      It's not that they could not, it is that their core mission is to use these things, not build them. These are very different skills, and it doesn't make sense to attempt to create industries internal to the DoD when external ones work just fine.

      The main exception is crypto, where, for generations, the DoD was not just the primary consumer of the industry, but had national security reasons to keep EVERYTHING about it in-house.

      For a time, computer networks might have just barely fallen into the crypto regime. But ARPANET was contracted out! Moreover, the technology is way too useful broadly, and the DoD just does not have the money (really!) to keep up with the pace of development.

      So outsourcing is not a horrible idea. There are some major problems, the main (unique) one being that the requirements for a DoD system are way, way different than for a civilian one. Then, of course, you have the entire ******** that military procurement has always been.

      The DoD does make (some) of their own food. If you don't know how that goes, find a veteran and ask.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    In Praise of AI Universal Space Command with Simple Remote Virtual Controls

    Giving military time to look at aspects of decision

    Does Uncle Sam and the Military know exactly what they are jumping into bed with for Microsoft JEDI Services Exercising and Energising and EMPowering Almighty Tasks for Future Mediated TeleVisual Presentations/Augmented Virtual Reality Events?

    My guess is that they haven't a clue yet, and thus are as easy prey and cannon fodder in the greater schema of things where they can be powerful pawns enabled to tempt bishops and knights and kings and queens in their castles alike.

    I suppose the true reply to any of that is Classified Mk Ultra Top Secret/Special Compartmented Information somewhere foreign and alien.

    Knowing all of what you know about Microsoft, do you imagine a JEDI Type Program being an Original or Cloned Operation of a Stealthy Gallant Competitor ? They are surely long enough and well enough known for their phishing and phorming proclivities and predilections, are they not?

    1. Snake Silver badge

      Re: In Praise of AI Universal Space Command with Simple Remote Virtual Controls


      I don't get it o.O Is JEDI FM radio and television required to be kosher?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh, c'mon!

    Just ONE Stargate pic with this story -- is it too much to ask for???!!

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