back to article Don't Zoom off elsewhere: Google plugs video-chat service Meet into Gmail as user eyes start wandering

Google is plugging its Meet service into Gmail as the Chocolate Factory rolls out the G Suite tanks in response to the threat posed by rival services. The new functionality, available to all G Suite customers, is coming out over the next two weeks in Rapid Release domains and from 30 April for Scheduled Release domains. It's …

  1. Tom 38 Silver badge

    We've used both, Meet has much lower video quality than Zoom. Doesn't make too much difference for video, but for screen sharing Zoom is so much crisper and cleaner than Meet.

    1. JRS

      Re: Variation

      Agree. Meet is really easy to use and get other users connected onto, but Zoom seems to have really good screen sharing quality, and also you can do remote control which google has been missing for far too long.

      Both Meet and Zoom seem to lack Team's background "white noise feature" which can be very distracting.

  2. Stuart 22 Silver badge

    Zoom just works.

    Video-conferencing has struggled with professionals. Watching Zoom embraced by technophobes in lockdown is miraculous. This week we had a scratch choir of 60 folks from all over europe! No Gmail account required.

    Security doesn't really matter for most informal meetings. Weird that wasn't Zoom's target market. How they monetise the masses is a question they must be perusing. I'm guessing a manadatory window will be rolling ads in some future 'free' edition.

    1. solv

      Re: Zoom just works.

      I imagine they monitise same way everyone else who offers a free product does...sell your personal information to third parties

  3. Mojave Green

    Meet sessions? I thought they were supposed to be dum bump.

  4. IGotOut Silver badge

    Video from email conversation....

    I smell a patent lawsuit coming.

    I know other companies have had escalate to video chat for a long time.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Video from email conversation....

      It's hardly a novel idea.

  5. A-nonCoward

    gmail slower than usual today

    I guess this feature explains it? my laptop browser keeps reloading "hangouts" (that I never use, even deleted it from my mobile)

  6. nightflier

    For personal use, I've found nothing simpler or better than Jitsi:

  7. sorry, what?

    Looking back...

    I wish Hangouts could do virtual green screen like Zoom and Teams.

    1. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: Looking back...

      Problem is they haven't done much development on Hangouts for a long time and its now disappearing for the public and moving to gsuite only.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Responding to security worries in Zoom

    By using a Google product is like shooting yourself in the head to cure a headache.

  9. davenewman

    But if they just do it for people paying for GSuite, it is hardly a big market. It should come to everyone with a Google account.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Agree the requirement for a G-Suite account, as opposed to just a free Google/Gmail account does mean this isn't a competitor to Zoom. It does seem that Google is really aiming at the Teams market, in an attempt to prevent G-Suite customers moving to Microsoft 365, which given Teams is live now, means G-Suite Meet needs to be better not just to retain G-Suite customers but to attract people away from the others...

      1. Is It Me

        You can get Teams for free, just sign up with any email account that isn't associated with an MS account/service

  10. revilo

    do we need have dominated all by a few?

    Does really everything has to be dominated to the same company? I not only like how easy Zoom works but also that it is not tied to any other big company. One does not need to have a gmail account to use it. It is likely that the company will be bought up by a big fish like Skype before (which had been great when it started, after it was bought by a big fish, it is become more difficult to use). I hope that Zoom stays independent but that is very unlikely. One of the sharks will eat it up and incorporate into their own infrastructure, making it harder to use as they would have to bend it to their other services.

    1. Warm Braw Silver badge

      Re: do we need have dominated all by a few?

      Does really everything has to be dominated to the same company?

      Well Zoom will interoperate with established standards (e.g. H.323 and SIP) for videoconferencing. But if we all just used the standards, Zoom wouldn't exist in the first place. The reason we don't do that is noone is going to host H.323 or SIP conferences free - they're only going to give services away if they hook people into proprietary technology from which there's no easy escape.

      If you don't want to pay with money you're going to be at the mercy of large dominant companies and paying with your privacy. At that point it doesn't really matter if it's one dominant company or a handful.

    2. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: do we need have dominated all by a few?

      >Does really everything has to be dominated to the same company? I not only like how easy Zoom works but also that it is not tied to any other big company.

      Video calling and conferencing has been a thing since the early 1990's. What has been frustrating is the total lack of interest in it by big telcos and ITU/CCITT - similar can be said about chat and rich messaging apps. So with a total lack of interest by the Standards community, we are going to get single company solutions and standards coming to the fore.

      I expect many are currently happy with Zoom, but when it has 1+ billion users and has to start turning that into revenue..

  11. BlackBerry ForEver

    Move over's the real communicator....

    BlackBerry? Communications? BB Me? ah but thats for real professional organizations (voice,chat,video-SECURE!!!). Though the lightweight consumerish individual use version is available on iphone, android desktop too for chats and messaging and sharing diagrams (for the cost of a few postage stamps per month for a single user). Though I don't really need to zoom in to see the nosehairs of the presenter, they can send me their wedding photo or something instead to put on my contacts image.It's not like I'm using it to watch the reporter (presenter) with the Desert Storm rocket fireworks backdrop, am I? Unless your boss is dropping fireworks every video conference. Oh and when I do use zoom, I put my BlackBerry Playbook mounted on a stand in front of my laptop computer and start Need for Speed or some such old game that the other viewers can be mesmerized by, while the boss is facilitating the work. That or I run a presentation of my vacation pics from last when I took one.

  12. Not previously required

    Happily paying

    Most people pay for their home broadband and mobile phone connections. Why is videoconferencing different? I bought a low end Zoom account so that I could host meetings lasting > 40 mins. I like Zoom better than Skype or WebEx, which I have tried. I am forced to use Teams for some things, which is OK.

    I like opensource software, but there is clearly an expensive server and a service to run here. I'm not made of the stuff, but happy to pay for a job well done, and "If its free , your'e the product" for this sort of thing.

    Biggest problem is everyone having different services of course.

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