back to article United Nations reportedly tears up Tencent's invite to its big 75th birthday bash

The United Nations has reportedly dissolved a deal that would have seen its 75th birthday celebrations conducted using video chat tech from Chinese web giant Tencent. News of the alliance emerged on 31 March, when the two announced that Tencent's VooV video chat service, WeChat Work service and AI-powered translation tools …

  1. Aqua Marina

    “ content on WeChat has been known to mysteriously disappear”

    And on machines where the user has local administrator rights keyloggers and spyware have been known to mysteriously appear.

  2. Bob7300


    But the deal quickly raised concerns because content contributors on WeChat has have been known to mysteriously disappear

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Well duh

    Buying stuff from Chinese companies is fine, there is no surveillance and your shirt is not listening to you.

    But having a communication partnership with a Chinese telecoms provider ? If you think that Beijing is not going to be listening, you're insane.

    Honestly, who at the UN thought that it would be a good idea ? I would have expected the United Nations to be a bit more on the ball concerning China and Internet surveillance.

    1. notfred

      Actually what you said is not always true...

      Many Chinese low-end cellphones come riddled with spyware; they don't have access to Google Play and so use Chinese app markets that really shouldn't be trusted for the most part.

    2. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: Well duh

      Well it also rules out US and Israeli made hardware as well.

      Maybe the Swiss should look at making tech hardware.

  4. Bck

    Swiss? "Phones by Crypto AG are the safest; Our app repository is managed by the CIA" ?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    clash of bad acronyms

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