back to article India allows half of IT services workers back to the office next week

The Indian government will allow IT operations to bring half their workforce back to the office as of Monday April 20th. A memo from the Ministry of Home Affairs [PDF] released today said that select businesses, including IT and IT-enabled services, would be allowed to open with 50 per cent of their workforce on April 20 "to …

  1. nematoad Silver badge

    Good grief.

    "These limited exemptions will be operationalised by States/ [Union Territories] /district administrations..."

    What the hell does that mean?

    I expect the Yanks to take liberties with the language but surely India can do better than this. Though they did use a non-US spelling, so that's something I suppose.

    On the topic itself for once it seems as if companies have a bit more regard for the safety of their employees than the government.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: Good grief.

      Excuse me? Are you seriously expecting decent grammar and spelling from INDIA?

      I count myself fortunate if I can understand something without two re-readings.

      1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

        Re: Good grief.

        Careful with those sweeping statements. I've found many Indians' command of the English language, grammar and spelling to be far above that of many native-English speakers.

        Perhaps shockingly, both cases can, and do occur. Go figure.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Good grief.

        Perhaps a small correction is in order - You CONSIDER yourself fortunate. COUNT may be common usage but it is incorrect because it is illogical.

        Boy, too bad I got out of the communication game - used to be fun to teach you firangis how to read, speak, and write English properly, because most of you sucked so bad. So most of you white boys claim to know one language, but the truth is, you know none well enough to be regarded as fluent. Meanwhile, in the rest of world, we are fluent in at least 3, and passable in another 2. So shove your racism where, as the americans say, the sun don't shine.

        1. onemark03

          Re: Good grief.

          @ anonymous coward:

          No, this is not illogical.

          "Count" used in this context is simply an old-fashioned word for "consider" or similar.

          Nothing more.

          In this context, the use of either word is correct.

    2. First Light Bronze badge

      Re: Good grief.

      Unfortunately, one of the tests for English proficiency in India is IELTS. From what I have seen of it, IELTS is a crash course on American business jargon. It teaches idioms and cliches of the corporate American workplace. So it is not unusual to find this kind of butchered Americanism in certain Indian forums. My personal unfavorite is "prepone" as opposed to postpone, which I have often come across in customer service communications.

      1. Sitaram Chamarty

        Re: Good grief.

        when they start saying "circle back" it's time to cut something off. Not saying what or whose...

    3. LucreLout Silver badge

      Re: Good grief.

      On the topic itself for once it seems as if companies have a bit more regard for the safety of their employees than the government.

      Quite. When I invoked our divisions BCP plan, mandating everyone work from home including our offshore staff, we discovered a couple of things. One of which was that despite guarantees spanning decades that all offshore staff could work from home, it turns out the provider lied and only 1 in 5 has been able to connect from home.

      While I inherited the BCP plan recently from another division, I should have tested it straight away rather than putting it in my Q2 plan as it turned out I needed it before we got there.

      One of the supply chain changes we'll have to look at is something I've long advocated for anyway, which is a curtailment of offshoring of IT jobs. This should be front and center of everyone's supply chain revisions post Covid-19.

  2. Colin Bull 1

    Look forward to daily chats

    Looks like I can look forward to my almost daily calls telling me I am getting a new leccy meter and they will save me £100 a month on fuel bills. Still nothing better to do as self isolating.

    1. Portent

      Re: Look forward to daily chats

      Do you want free ringdings with your internet service providings?

  3. DavCrav Silver badge

    "The Indian Government's rona-response"

    Rona? No. Just no.

  4. Commswonk Silver badge

    Here's hoping...

    .. that it's not the half that work for the Technical Department of Windows.

  5. ecofeco Silver badge

    Uh oh

    This will not end well.

    WTH are they thinking?

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