back to article The bane of Spain comes mainly on the plane. Good luck Barcelona: You've bagged the MWC contract again

There's some good news for Barcelona's tech-hungry pickpockets: the GSMA has extended its contract to hold annual industry shindig Mobile World Congress in the city until 2024. The GSMA's agreement with the so-called Host City Parties – which includes the governments of Catalonia and Barcelona, the Fira exhibition centre, and …

  1. Chris G Silver badge

    Gotta picka pocketa two

    Credit should be given where it's due, the dips in Barcelona are world class, they come from Columbia, Algeria, Romania and many other countries.

    If a Guild of Pick pockets exists anywhere, it will be Barcelona.

    If you visit, all pockets should have zips and Kevlar razor resistant linings, same with bags, anything not in a sealed bag or pocket should be chained to you and be sure to regularly count fingers and limbs.

    I prefer exhibitions in Madrid, a nicer cheaper city with less crime overall in my experience.

    1. Zimmer

      Re: Gotta picka pocketa two

      Oh , come now. As a regular at El Reg you surely know the thieves guild is located in Ankh Morpork.

  2. Cynic_999 Silver badge

    Just sew lots of small fish-hooks into your pocket linings. Many people started doing that at a famous Johanesburg annual trade fair, and the number of pickpockets who (literally) chanced their arm dropped to almost zero.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Let me tell you a story, back in the early 90's a rather dense friend of mine used to get his wallet robbed every time he travelled to the city centre (Manchester in case anyone is wondering) and had the rather clever idea of carrying an envelope stuffed with shit. That's right common or garden shit. Lets just say it didn't end well. Touch wood I've never been pick pocketed however I put that down to social distancing before it became fashionable.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If you do that you better make sure you first condition yourself to not shoot your hands in your pockets reflexively.

  3. First Light Bronze badge

    I saw it happen

    Many years ago I saw a mugging in Barcelona with a North African group taking a German woman's bag. She and her male partner chased after the group but it was too late. There were about five in the muggers group and they all went different ways so you couldn't figure out whom to follow.

    What shocked me the most as a visitor from NYC (at the time), was the utterly blase response of the local plod. They could care less. I told them I got a good look at the muggers and they didn't want to know. Just told me to put my bag in front of my body instead of behind so I wouldn't be robbed. Disappointing to hear that teh situation hasn't changed.

  4. trindflo

    Likely impact

    " it was forced to cancel, but not before reportedly begging the local authorities to declare a state of emergency, so it could claim on its insurance.

    It's not clear what impact – if any – COVID-19 will have on next year's event. "

    I'm guessing the insurance will cost more

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