back to article Indian city floats camera-packing surveillance balloon to zoom in on quarantine-quitters

The Indian city of Vadodara has taken a novel technological approach to coronavirus quarantine surveillance by floating a balloon equipped with cameras and a public address system. Vadodara is home to around two million souls all of whom are currently under strict lockdown orders as India fights to contain the novel …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Well that's reassuring

    It's good to know that the next Hitler will have no shortage of toys with which to impose his will on the people he has authority over.

    It is frightening to see just how quickly the totalitarian mindset is adopted. Even if the situation may call for this, I am dismayed that so many people in so many countries are taking up the challenge of giving their leaders more surveillance powers without any guarantee that those powers will be rescinded when the crisis is over.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Well that's reassuring

      And just to make clear, while many associate this with totalitarian and authoritarian governments, the reality is that many democratic governments are also using this as an opportunity to expand and normalize the surveillance society.

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, meanwhile, has called on citizens to adopt the nation's "Arogya Setu" contact-tracing app.

    How's that going to work with the number of dumb/featurephones about which don't use apps and with phones which are shared between several people?

    Seems this is less about useful contact tracing and more about yet another tool which helps the inquisition should they already have someone in their sights.

    1. amolbk

      Re: Buttle/Tuttle

      For the record:

      - "Aarogya Setu becomes fastest growing mobile app with 50 million users in 13 days":

      - "...the app could also have feature phones versions, with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras working on IVRS-based features, with testing reaching “maturity levels.”":

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