back to article At least someone's making out like a bandit: Scammers have pocketed $13m in Coronavirus fraud from the US this year

Fraud related to the coronavirus has cost Americans $13m and so far counting, according to the US government. The US Federal Trade Commission has tallied up the accumulated cost of scams related to the deadly pandemic from January 1 through the current week. The government's numbers place travel and vacation scams as by far …

  1. HellDeskJockey

    I'm actually surprised it is so little. But it is early in the game.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      I'm getting on average, 3 phone calls a day that are probably fraudulent and the number of spam mails telling me how to get the government money, shopping deals, etc. has really jumped.

      It would all stop if a) People didn't answer their phones for unknown callers and b) examine the sending addy of all email unless you know who it's from. I guess the dumbing down of folks is well in progress since critical thinking or even logic isn't taught anymore.

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        We've not had a single one since the lockdown started. It's weird.

        (I'm in the UK, if that matters)

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