back to article Neo4j has this great IDE-a: How about we stuff all our graph workspace, database, algorithms and visualisation wizardry in one place?

Graph database slinger Neo4j is putting out a suite of tools aimed at helping data scientists be more productive using graph analytics techniques. It promises a native graph analytics workspace, graph database, scalable graph algorithms and graph visualisation all in one environment. Data science and machine learning are …

  1. abs

    The sub heading gave me a very much needed chuckle.

    Beans anybody?

    I'm worried that my neighbours may lodge a noise complaint with all the fart sounds I've been making. I have to air out the room before switching on / off the lights in case my methane gets ignited.

  2. bpfh

    An MS-Access for the modern age?

    See title.

  3. Tom Paine
    Thumb Up


    Surely a contender for El Reg subhead of the year?

  4. Must contain letters

    since the early 1990s,

    most have used an integrated development environment (IDE) to make the process more productive and consistent and achieve vendor lock-in, encouraging lazy programming, reliance on frameworks that become EOL and unsupported, meta-data for the IDEs that is undocumented and which changes for every release, and if you are really lucky yet another build environment, so that’s fine then.

  5. ecofeco Silver badge

    How original!

    Using computers to organize and interpret data into easy to understand visual graphs!

    Why didn't someone think of this before?


    Seriously, why the hell isn't this done more often? Isn't this one of the core reasons for computers existence?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How original!

      It doesn't mean that sort of graph. It's about visualising mathematical graphs,not statistical ones.

      1. ecofeco Silver badge

        Re: How original!

        I got that. Thanks.

        My point still stands.

  6. Chris Walsh

    Surely Spam demands an honourable mention! ;-)

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