back to article Low-orbit internet banking fraud claim alleged to be a load of space junk

A case of alleged low-orbit internet banking fraud has taken another twist, with the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Texas filing an indictment in which it claimed the complainant in the case had lied. The case came to our attention in August 2019 when we chronicled how astronaut Lt Col Anne McClain denied a …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "made a false statement in an interview with NASA-OIG"

    Contrary to Trump, this one will pay for that with her career.

    1. KarMann Silver badge

      Re: "made a false statement in an interview with NASA-OIG"

      Re-read it. It's the non-astronaut who is accused of making a false statement.

      1. Alan Brown Silver badge

        Re: "made a false statement in an interview with NASA-OIG"

        "Summer Worden is a former Air Force intelligence officer and the founder of tech company Filly Intelligence LLC, a technology and security services firm focused on applying an intelligence-based approach to secure networks using military-grade best practices"

        "She formerly led one of the five operational teams for the National Security Agency (NSA). Broader intelligence work includes serving in Special Access Programs for nuclear security and terrorist finance tracking, where she collaborated with the Department of Treasury, International Monetary Fund, and various IC agencies"

        I'd say that in her position, filing false affidavits with the court isn't going to go down at all well - as in it just destroyed her credibility, that of those who employed her AND of her company.

        So, yes she WILL pay with her career - and I'd imagine that the spooks are checking to see of anything she did went through courts as any evidence previously submitted in ANY case is now tainted.

  2. Wellyboot Silver badge

    Perhaps, Perhaps not

    >>>Which sounds an awful lot like investigators were able to read a bank's log files<<<

    Is it not more likely that the bank handed over just the individuals log files on production of a court order?

    1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

      Re: Perhaps, Perhaps not

      Investigators able to read a bank's log files sounds more juicey, like they perhaps somehow gained ellicit access to those records.

      Investigators looking at things handed over due to a court order is completely expected in thses cases, therefore is humdrum, boring.

      Gotta sex these things up. It's borderline run-of-the mill as is. Two people fall out, separate, argue over things, one alleges the other messed with their bank account. Wow. Like that never happened before. If it weren't for the ISS-o'naut angle this would be a total non-event.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Perhaps, Perhaps not

        Now if the ATM on the ISS wouldn't disperse McClain the funds to pay for her Soyuz tickets, that would be a great story.

        1. Muscleguy

          Re: Perhaps, Perhaps not

          Consider how solid and heavy terrestrial ATM's are that crooks have to hotwire diggers to extract them the cost of boosting one into orbit would likely dwarf the license fees from its use. Also since the US and Russian crew ratios vary keeping it sufficiently full of Roubles and Dollars would not be easy.

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Perhaps, Perhaps not

      Or, the claims made were submitted to the bank who were then asked to verify or deny the veracity of the claims, possibly with a court order., and/or leading to a court order for logs once the claims veracity was denied by the bank.

  3. low_resolution_foxxes

    May I ask a silly question?

    Are these dates material to the case? Amending her recollection of bank setup/password changes by a few months, does not materially change the case alone, although technically I suppose they are incorrect statements of fact.

    If the changes mean it was impossible for party A or B to do something alleged, well that kinda becomes material.

    Honestly, I find it hard to believe you'd be sat on a NASA Weblink dicking around with your ex wife's bank account and moving cash around. Cause VPN or no, it would be surely traceable and an open/shut case.

    OK so I just read that her main point was that her ex wife viewed her bank account, using the historic password, but made no transfers. Originally the Sept date would have made it "hacking", while the new date could be argued either way (ethically problematic perhaps, but difficult to know before a divorce is finalised if that's a strict no-no).


      tempting to take a peek

      I would expect the courts to make available all bank records as part of the settlement process. So there is a possible "due process breach" but not a privacy breach. It is material to the breakup settlement. It may be community property. It may show funds being hidden. It may show infidelity. Who is at fault is still a factor in many countries and in many US states. Plus if no change was made, how would you know?

      I have asked woman at work several times over several years. About half say in normal times, they look at partners spending, call history, emails, and in their partner wallets. They say they would be negligent if they did not. It is part of the role of a wife, is to keep her man/partner honest. There is no clear common expectation of privacy to protect a partner from a wife. Or at least the wifes do not conceding it. Paradoxically, none of my male co-workers would come out and publicly say they spy on their wife in the same way. Pretty much everyone that thought would seem much more creepy.

      This asymmetry is NOT PC, it is just how it is.

      It is not simple for the law to untangle the mess inside couples and families. In practice the law may not even be able to keep you physically safe.

      The question of hacking or not hacking probably depends on technical details like the banks T&C, and possible the state of the common home.

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