back to article Australian state adds AI number plate readers to GPS tracking of corona-quarantine busters

The Australian State of Western Australia has detailed the surveillance technology it will use to track residents during the coronavirus crisis. As The Register reported last week, the State gave itself the power to install surveillance kit in the homes of known quarantine-breakers or compel them to wear tracking devices. No …

  1. Pu02

    It's not being done for the indigenous people

    Like every other decision of consequence in the wide brown land of Oz, it was done by, and for the miners.

    And BTW- this virus is officially Cov-SARS-2, not 'Coronavirus'. After considerable analysis, the scientists decided it was a second Severe Acute Respiratroy Syndrome, just like the last one. So out went 'novel', and in came the real name. There is a reason our glorious and mighty global controllers continue to call it something, anything... other than SARS-2

    SARS 1 was 15 years ago, lots of time to get prepared...

    1. ThinkingMonkey

      in came the real name

      Incorrect, good sir. It is China Virus but may also be referred to as Wuhan Virus. You are referring to its scientific name, a language < 0.1% of us speak. ;)

    2. TheBadja

      Re: It's not being done for the indigenous people

      In general, Australian authorities are VERY aware that remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities are at risk during this coronavirus crisis. They are being given priority in testing like other high risk groups.

    3. TheBadja

      Re: It's not being done for the indigenous people

      Cov-SARS-2 is a Coronavirus. Like sheep are mammals. So it is perfectly correct to call this a coronavirus crisis.

  2. Homeboy

    I'm absolutely certain that all this additional spying - sorry monitoring - will be removed the instant the WuHuFlu epidemic is over.

    Absolutely positive.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Isn't it funny ?

    Isn't it curious how, when dictators-in-power decide to add more surveillance to their arsenal, funds are found without any problem ? Money is never an issue when it comes to buying new toys to spy on people.

    Now they're adding plate number readers. Which will obviously stay in place after the pandemic is declared over because, well, it has been paid for so, might as well use it now. I wonder what new Stasi approach they're going to find with that.

    1. Magani
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Isn't it funny ?

      I suppose the fact that, over here on the other side of the country in the obviously technologically backward state of Qld, police cars have been doing this for years with automatic number plate recognition (trials started in 2012), is a sign that Sand Gropers live in a state normally devoid of authority? I believe other states including WA have this as well.

      1. Denarius Silver badge

        Re: Isn't it funny ?

        yes, NSW cops and roadside cameras do rego checks. Have done for years. Recently added phone in hand detection. That I could live with given the number white forward control vans that are always driven badly by psychopaths with at least one phone glued to side of head. Snooping has got worse. Heck, I recently was carting some sheep to an abattoir and got pulled over for a vehicle check, license check and magic tree carcass to prove I had right to move a trailer load of sheep. All in order but the urge to snoop was strong long before the latest bug started.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Funny surveillance

          They did it because a lot of people forget to reg their car since the gov stopped issuing road tax/registration stickers with expiry dates.

          For people that borrow a car, or move house, or miss a notice in the mail, none cant tell if the car they are driving is registered or not, they'll be like, "I think it was October, no it was December... no that was the house insurance..."

          So in NSW, the state makes $1200 every time an officer stops you to let you know you messed up paying a bill. Far more profitable than printing stickers! And doesn't affect the top 1% as they all have drivers...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Well if they hadn't been dragging their feet on upgrading, they could just reduce the desire to roam with the 5G mind control subchannel, like they do in Korea and China.

  5. C 7

    I just want to know...

    what kind of technology are they deploying to monitor the fine citizens of District 9?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Didn't they just land and start shooting?

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