back to article New year, old threats: Malware peddlers went into overdrive in Q1, says Trend Micro

Business email compromise (BEC) attempts were globally up by a quarter in the first two months of this year alone, according to research from threat intel firm Trend Micro. In a report released today, the outfit said it had seen a 24.3 per cent increase in BEC attempts between January and February 2020. "IT security teams …

  1. Stork Silver badge

    We have had loan sharks

    Very dubious looking emails promising loans, referring to c19. From a address.

    I know a lot of companies have very strained liquidity, they probably get takers.

  2. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Maybe Robert Maxwell

    ...CEO fraud, where the cybercrim pretends to be the boss sending an email to an employee instructing them to send money to a particular bank account

    Crimes and frauds are innumerable, but even the stupidest of employees know CEOs have no authority to order money to go anywhere without the proper chain-of-command and audited paper trail.

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