back to article Four new bugs? You shouldn't have: Microsoft celebrates 45 years with dollop of borkage on Windows Insider Fast Ring

Got time on your hands and an enterprise running on Microsoft 365? The Windows giant wants to hear from you in this week's quick 'n' dirty rundown of Redmond news. No new builds and four new bugs for Windows Insiders The Windows gang opted to skip flinging out a Fast Ring build of Windows 10 last week owing to a mystery " …

  1. Dan 55 Silver badge

    You can tell how much Microsoft brings back happy memories of yesteryear

    Over 12 hours after publication and not a single solitary comment. If it were any other piece of 45-year-old software/hardware you'd have over 50 waxing lyrical even over the things that weren't so good about it.

    This post brought to you by letter Meh for Microsoft.

  2. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    Microsoft Birthday Cake

    Reminds me of Tiramisu, which I used to find very useful, on occasion.

  3. DJV Silver badge


    It was probably baked by someone called Bob and, like a Christmas pudding, contains a surprise* inside.

    * Not a silver sixpence but probably a paperclippy that will get wedged between your molars requiring emergency dental treatment.

    1. N2

      Re: Cake

      like a Christmas pudding, contains a surprise* inside - * Not a silver sixpence...

      Turd? They always come rolling back up the beach, just like the same old shit MS continues to pedal

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