back to article Microsoft 365 Business to gain more Azure Active Directory toys... oh, and it's called Microsoft 365 Business Premium (from 21 April)

Microsoft is adding a full Azure Active Directory Premium P1 licence to its Microsoft 365 business subscription even as it aims the rebrandogun at its product line. The move will be welcomed by customers tiring of having to navigate the company's often byzantine licensing plans as workers decamp to dining tables and bring all …

  1. AMBxx Silver badge

    Grammar Nazi Alert

    >> businesses with less than 300 employees

    FEWER Please.

    1. Strahd Ivarius Bronze badge

      Re: Grammar Nazi Alert

      so what, 200 ?

      with the current fever, it may come to that (and perhaps even before May in some locations)

  2. anthonyhegedus Silver badge

    This is just going to confuse end-users. When you're dealing with small companies, they don't care, they want 'office'. For a start, they think it's free, that doesn't help. But to call it 'microsoft 365 standard' and not include the word 'office' is just going to make customer think they don't need it. Oh well, we'll just lay it on the table with our clients and put the word 'office' in our invoices.

    1. Strahd Ivarius Bronze badge

      So from now on when they ask for Office feel free to provide them with Libre Office!

  3. psychonaut

    So when people call and say "my Microsoft doesn't work" they might actually be correct from now on.

  4. JasonLaw

    Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Not the same product as 'Business 365' ... FFS.

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