back to article Virtually – no – actually borked: We'd slap ailing ATM's 'OK' button but it's probably against government guidance

Microsoft Windows is everywhere. Everywhere. And sometimes it can catch out the unwary, as the administrator behind this ATM has hopefully discovered. The cash machine in question, snapped by an eagle-eyed Register reader, is located somewhere in the southern region of Manchester. The area features such delights as the …

  1. IGotOut Silver badge

    tut, tut tut...

    Basic schoolboy error that one. Fancy not setting the VM settings.

  2. Stumpy Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    "... leaking memory like an incontinent baboon on a waltzer."

    Thanks for providing that line. I'm going to make certain I use it in any analysis documentation from now onwards.

    1. Bitsminer

      Curious to see if this line was, um, "original", I yahoo'd it and google'd it.

      Yahoo gave me 11,700 results, including El Reg as the top one, and several Register "fan"(*) sites quoting the article completely.

      Google gave me one. Two if you count another "fan" site.

      Apparantly it is an El Reg original. Good one!

      (*) A "fan", short for copyright violating cryptocurrency-flogging counter-social fanatic. With html skilz.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. SVV Silver badge

    Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low

    This error message means that you need to free up some space inside the machine, for example by expelling a large number of the banknotes inside it through the cash withdrawal slot.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    By the way......

    ......I can't find John Hagerman's original Encheferizer code anywhere....I think it was written in lex. Can anyone help? Bork! Bork! Bork!

    1. Andy Landy

      Re: By the way......

      1. GrumpenKraut Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: By the way......

        Therein kraut.l containing lovely words like verdammt, Volkswagen, JAWOHL!, Nein!, Fraulein, Wilhelm, Gerhardt, Hans, and Scheisse!.

        1. GrumpenKraut Silver badge

          Re: By the way......

          To the down-voter: I meant that in an amused, way.

          [Edit: ah, the down-vote person going over every single message and down-voting it. Hope you enjoy your hobby.]

  6. chivo243 Silver badge

    during this process... cash denied!

    Love it! another reason to keep cash handy, oh, wait, you were trying??? sorry 'bout that.

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