back to article Oracle teases prospect of playing nicely with open-source Java in update to WebLogic application server

Oracle has chosen this week of all weeks to foist on the world an update of its application server WebLogic, festooned with new features addressing Java EE 8, Kubernetes and JSON. But the most eye-catching prospect is compatibility with the Eclipse Foundation's fully open-source Java development environment, Jakarta EE 8. …

  1. Edward Clarke


    Why would anybody with a clear choice deal with java and Oracle? It seems ( from the outside ) that Oracle is nothing but a bunch of lawyers that buy up semi-successful companies with open/free/popular software and then try to charge a fortune for it. Didn't they simply lift the entire specification of SQL/DB from IBM - the same kind of action that they are suing Alphabet and java for?

    If you make some super popular program that sells like N95 masks or toilet paper on eBay then won't Oracle come after you for a piece of the pie? Screw that - I hope a kraken pulls his super yacht under the next time Larry takes it for a spin.

    1. hittitezombie

      Re: What?

      Right now we have two decades' worth of running software and libraries out there. Shifting to a brand new thing is getting easier but you still have to deal with this crap for a long time.

      Regardless, right now for a brand new project using an Oracle JDK is an idiocy.

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