back to article Singapore government scraps physical 2FA tokens for government services

Singapore will bin the physical tokens used to provide two-factor authentication (2FA) for some digital government services. The city-state operates "SingPass", a government service that connects Singapore's residents with 200 government services. SingPass helps residents to file taxes, apply for public housing, or checking …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And what are they going to do for all the senior citizens who don't have PC's or mobile phones?

    1. JohnBuckle

      This is Singapore, everyone has a hand phone

    2. mj.jam

      Phones are cheap

      For the cost of making physical tokens you could probably buy the minimum phone required to run the app. Even cheaper if you just want to give out phones that can receive an SMS (although that option is with security risks)

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