back to article India suggests cloud storage to slow the spread of coronavirus

India is advising its citizens that cloud storage can help to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. The world's most populous country operates a national cloud document locker named Digilocker that offers every citizen one gigabyte of storage. The service is linked to many state and federal government services who can use …

  1. Sitaram Chamarty
    Thumb Down

    making "big brother" hay while the corona sun shines

    title says it all.

    The percentage of transmission due to documents is probably not even measurable. Currency notes are much more likely, and despite being a hard-core "cash is king" person, I can see that would be an issue, but passport, drivers licenses, and so on? Forget it... this is just the government trying to tout a service that no privacy-minded, security-minded, person should even consider using.

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