back to article Cloud'n'server hosting giant OVH more like OMG: Data center hardware failure knocks out services in France

European cloud giant OVH is suffering a substantial outage today: if there's a website you can't reach right now, it's perhaps hosted by OVH.. Affected services include dedicated and virtual servers, domain names, its cloud platform, anti-DDoS protection, and support. DownDetector shows a lot of complaints of broken services …

  1. Imhotep

    Totally Not My Fault

    "A single vendor's faulty gear".

    The finger of blame is being pointed pretty early on this one.

  2. Detective Emil


    That means fewer script-kiddie hack attempts on my hosts from OVH address ranges.

    1. Steve Foster

      Re: Great!

      And perhaps less spam - they seem to be sending a lot of "make money online" and "see how to make money by watching this interview" junk lately.

    2. carl0s

      Re: Great!


      A good majority of the scumbags in my fail2ban, RDP and SIP honeypot address lists are from OVH.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Normalise redundancy?

    Is that a euphemism for "sorry, we didn't have any but we've ordered some replacement kit from Ebay which will arrive Real Soon Now"?

    1. SuperGeek

      Re: Normalise redundancy?

      Should have gone to Amazon, quicker delivery :)

  4. cipnt


    They had another *major outage* in July last year and some of their services were unavailable for many days, if not weeks.


  5. Aron_Pacey

    Very shocking news as they are already a big name. but they should really compensate their users by offering something for free.

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