back to article Tech's big names start to disclose possible bottom-line coronavirus impacts

Coronavirus has started to become a staple of the Form 10-K corporate risk disclosure documents filed by public technology companies. Public companies in the United States file an annual “Form 10-k”, which is best understood as the warts-and-all on-the-record companion to companies shinier and glossier annual reports. Form 10- …

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  2. bombastic bob Silver badge

    biggest losers from "shutdowns"

    The biggest losers from an economic shutdown caused by the desire of gummints to be "unnecessarily safe" from ourselves [instead of practicing safer work habits like the grocery store employees are doing, we have to SHUT! DOWN! INSTEAD! - very very bad policy], the biggest losers are the ones who hire MORE people than large companies: small and startup businesses.

    Those are the ones _I_ typically work for as a contractor. Small business wants to create a new product, or meet requirements for a sales contract. Contractors do the work, particularly engineering things. And when THOSE companies are SHUT DOWN, guess what happens? That's right, *ENGINEERS* have to *STAY* *HOME* *WITHOUT* *PAY*. And right now, THAT is a LOT of people! Sure, 'work from home' is common with this kind of business, too, but when you need to actually MEET with people to make decisions, or test designs, etc., THAT part is completely SHUT DOWN, and REALLY getting in the way of small and startup businesses STAYING ALIVE.

    "Big Business" will take advantage of "gummint pork", and say "we can weather this", while SMALL and STARTUP businesses will often GO UNDER. [no wonder the big boys don't complain, they can watch their potential competition VANISH for a while].

    And Independent Contractors will have to "absorb" the out-of-work-time (that's 'small busines' too, by the way). OK it's typical for contractors to go through periods of "out-of-work-time" but when you HAD a good contract, and it gets KILLED by GUMMINT, it STILL pisses you off!!! And I hate looking for work, it's SUCH a pain in the ass. I'd MUCH rather stick with a contract I'm familiar with for as long as it can last.

    1. RyokuMas Silver badge

      Re: biggest losers from "shutdowns"

      I'm still getting plenty of emails from headhunters for permanent .NET developer roles... just sayin'...

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