back to article Call for netizens to demand scraped pics from Clearview, ML weather forecasts, and Star Trek goes high def with AI

Hello Reg readers. Here's a quick roundup of bits and pieces from the worlds of machine learning and AI. Are you in Clearview's database? Probably: Folks covered by the EU’s GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and similar laws, can ask Clearview – the controversial face-recognition startup that scraped three billion …

  1. Wellyboot Silver badge

    StarTrek in Hi Def...

    What's the betting that 7 of 9 gets the most views..

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: StarTrek in Hi Def...

      I always thought of her as 36 of double D.

      Anyway, Jeri Ryan was better in Dark Skies.

    2. Aqua Marina

      Re: StarTrek in Hi Def...

      I was gonna suggest that Kes got the most views. But then I remembered in-character, she was only 7 years old!

  2. Richard Tobin

    Can't trust them

    Would anyone seriously provide a copy of their driving licence to a company like that? They'll just add it, and the information it contains, to their collection. They must be laughing their heads off.

    1. Wellyboot Silver badge

      Re: Can't trust them

      Data value goes from $ to $$$ now it has been verified as correct by the victim who included helpful personal details as proof.

    2. BillG

      Re: Can't trust them

      He had to provide Clearview with a picture of himself along with a copy of his driver’s license

      Which Clearview will conveniently keep on file. "If we didn't have you on file before, we do now" is Clearview's motto.

  3. Mage Silver badge
    Big Brother

    "Folks covered by the EU’s GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and similar laws, can ask Clearview – the controversial face-recognition startup that scraped three billion images of people from the internet – to reveal what images it may have of you in its database and delete them."

    Really that's crazy. They should be fined by EU and California and forced to delete all of them. Most people impacted will never have heard of Clearview.

    1. AndersH

      Clearview's use would appear to contravene the "Purpose limitation" principle?

      "You can only use the personal data for a new purpose if either this is compatible with your original purpose, you get consent, or you have a clear obligation or function set out in law."

  4. SVV

    Should be opt in, not opt out

    Ah, but then the "business model" wouldn't work would it? However I have no interest in this particular slurpy scumcorp making money off my noggin, so they can sod off. I suspect the EU will move towards enforcing opt in for these sort of companies when it comes to monetising our identities. As for the UK, I'm afraid we are on the path towards corporately bought and sold US lawmaking on such matters now.

  5. LDS Silver badge

    Please give mi an AI...

    ... that can track down the 35mm shot, scan them, add the missing/outfated CGI, and remaster them. One that just synthesize what it believes is missing, is just a trick, which will probably fails badly in the most complex and innovative scenes.

    Nice to see that the consensus is now that well shot 35mm film delivers about 20mpx (and that's vertical film use, so smaller frames)... it has been denied for a long time - I had a long discussion with someone in the business who kept denying that the old line/mm resolution measure meant you had to be able to see at least a black pixel then a white one then a black one to be able to tell lines apart, not just two successive black pixel...

  6. mark l 2 Silver badge

    Once you have ascertained that Clearview have scrapped your image from a website, you don't ask them to delete it, you sue the arse of them for copyright infringement as they have used your copyrighted image without consent for commercial gain.

    Enough court cases will eventually cause these scum to go bankrupt

    1. Wellyboot Silver badge

      Sue them into the ground, It's the American way !

    2. Tom 38 Silver badge

      Sorry to say, your likeness is not copyrighted. The copyright of a photo is held by the person taking the photograph, unless that person is a Celebes crested macaque.

      You do have "image rights", but that is more about your right to present your "image" or "brand" publicly. Since Clearview aren't doing that with the image, that wouldn't apply.

      Stick with the GDPR claims, its much more solid.

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