back to article Poured your info out on a call to 118 118 Money? Bad luck. Credit provider 'fesses up that hacker nabbed customer service phone recordings

The digital burglary at 118 118 Money exposed recordings of customer service calls that included a raft of personal information although thankfully not payment data. As revealed last week, the parent company of the personal loans and credit card provider – the sister business of the better-known UK directory enquiries service …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    118 118

    118 118 Got your data!

    [Pun on their TV adverts for those not in the UK]

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Amazon Turk

    And job done.

    Got your number... name... address... e-mail...

  3. joeW

    "118 118 Money said the database itself was not broken into"

    So just the place where they dump the data files. Anyone want to put money on them deciding to use an S3 storage bucket?

  4. Flak

    Please change your name, address and date of birth...

    ... and you will be fine. Honestly.


  5. Andy 97

    12 months?

    The types of 'pond life' which accessed this personal data, certainly won't stop attempting to gain goods and services after just 12 months.

    If I were a 118 customer, I'd be attempting to find a Rottweiler-like lawyer to mount a class action and annihilate them.

    How can such f*ckwittery still be happening?

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: 12 months?

      There's no such thing as "class action" in the UK and the recently introduced equivalent seems to have an even higher bar than the US class action trigger threshold.

  6. Klimt's Beast Would

    Is there an acronym...

    ... for events like these?

    How about DAWOL - DAta WithOut Leave? Anyone have a better idea?

    Icon: Prince Barin (from Flash Gordon) recovering his book of acronyms from a tree stump.

  7. Nellyboy

    More than just a theft

    Can't be just a coincidence that they pulled the plug on the call centre and website the day the UK went into lockdown! I'd just cleared the balance on my card the day earlier so I could use my card to order essentials. Same day website went down I couldn't use my card. Chat service they have is useless, just get told nothing they can do till system up and running, can't check or anything! Very suspect, sounds like they panicked over covid-19 and put everything on hold.

  8. Lotaresco Silver badge


    ""It would be extremely time consuming for anyone to attempt systematically to extract or copy your personal information."

    And there's where someone's shallow thinking ended, was it? It's only time consuming if it is one person trying to listen through the recording trying to pick out information. But that's not how the job is done. It is farmed out to a warehouse full of people with good English skills working for very low pay. Each is given a chunk of data to process and the details can be recovered for relatively low cost.

    The same thought processes used to apply to shredding "No one would take the time to sort through the chad and piece the documents together." Yet that's what happened in Iran and now they offer a document reconstruction service commercially.

    1. YetAnotherLocksmith

      Re: Complacent

      Why even wait for humans? You can throw the files at an AI voice recognition system as a first pass, that'll save you half your money. Stick it in a database with the audio file attached, and then it isn't even dodgy looking when you ask workers to "verify the database" before calling to scam.

  9. Smooth Newt Silver badge

    Any such attempts should be reported to Action Fraud.

    Why? What will Action Fraud do apart from ignore your report? And probably not even that.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Time consuming my a**

    Having spent the last few weeks playing with TensorFlow and Keras, I'm horrified at how not 'time consuming' it would be for someone with the next level of skill up from mine to make short work of this task.

    Coming from one of the five eyes nations with clear views on even considering performing this as a proof of concept being illegal I'm not going to expend any thought on this particular task and all my playing has been in the image space rather than audio. But some of these tools out there for the data science experimenter are amazing beyond words

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Time consuming my a**

      was about to post same thing, given that i have just written a call recording to transcription service for a call centre which works well enough you could easily scale it to handle 20k+ recordings an hour, especially if you dont mind more false positives and double or triple the playback speed....

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